So what's our plan for November 1st, World Vegan Day? Well, Animal Nepal is offering a 30 days vegan challenge for the first time in Nepal. We invite you to try out 'plant based eating' for a day, a week or even a month!  We will help you with your every step. Will you accept the challenge?
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 November Vegan Challenge! 

Animal Nepal brings you a 30 Days Vegan challenge for the month of November. As an animal welfare organisation we promote cruelty free lifestyles, and food as an important part of that. This month we help you switch to a vegan lifestyle as well as learn more about the benefits of a plant-based diet and vegan living. You’ll receive all required tips and instructions including lots of healthy and easy vegan recipes. 

Few points to remember:
  • Our vegan challenge is intended for people who aren’t vegan but are curious about veganism or those who may have attempted it before and wish to try again in a more determined manner. 
  • It's also useful for vegans to get new inspiration and encourage others who take the challenge with your advice and experience.
  • Do not panic if you intentionally or unintentionally consume a bit of dairy! That’s totally normal. It happens to the most careful vegans. 
  • Please feel free to ask us any questions relating to veganism through email or Facebook message. Your questions may include nutrition advice, recipes or any curiosities relating to vegan lifestyle.
Click here for lots more information on our 30 days vegan challenge.

For more tips on switching to plant-based nutrition, please explore Animal Nepal’s Go Veg Nepal page 
The countless benefits of a vegan lifestyle are just few steps ahead.
Take the challenge now!
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