Animal Nepal helps devastated communities such as Bungamati. Here we found some amazing stories of compassion. Meet committed dog lovers Jack and Sonia...
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Not without our dogs...

Jack's house has collapsed but he takes care of  three Cocker Spaniel and a stray in a temporary shelter
A broken home, a joint family and a handful of animals are all that Jack (12) has at the moment. Jack's house collapsed on the 1st earthquake of April 25. Jack was playing outside and had one thought in his mind: how is my family and how are my dogs? Jack has three Cocker Spaniels whom he loves to bits. "I ran home and found my family and pets alive. That was the biggest relief," Jack says. 

Abandoning the dogs never crossed their mind even when they had to stay at their relative's place and later move into a makeshift shelter. With a warm smile on her face, Jack's mother shares with us, "We don't have proper place to stay, but we make sure our dogs have a warm and cozy bed to sleep, even if we have to sleep on the floor." Apart from the three spaniels,  a stray dog has been welcomed too.

After the earthquake, we witnessed countless pets being lost or abandoned in the streets. Jack's family shows that many pet owners are ready to do whatever it takes to make their pets healthy and happy. We left the family with a promise to sterilize the dogs in the next spaying camp. Animal Nepal conducts health and spaying camps in all affected villages of Lalitpur. 

Smallest act of kindness can save a life!

Sonia with her sister and Snoopy (first image), and with her friends (second image).
Sonia from Bungamati won our hearts with her kindness and compassion. Having rescued her two younger siblings and a neighbor's puppy during the earthuake, Sonia is our true hero. 

"When the earthquake happened, me and younger sister and baby brother were alone inside the house watching TV. I couldn't figure out what was happening and all i could hear was screaming and the sounds of desctruction. I managed to pick up my brother and sister and take them out of the house. As soon as we came outside a part of the house collapsed," shares Sonia. She adds: "Soon I came to know that Snoopy, my neighbour's puppy was inside their collapsed house. That day passed in fear and sadness. The next day I went to the collapsed house and called his name as loud as possible. To my surprise Snoopy suddenly came out of the rubble! I was so happy to see him."

Sonia took care of Snoopy for a few days till his owner managed a temporary place to stay. Sonia would love to have a dog like Snoopy but that is not possible in the tiny shelter she and her family now live in
. We believe Sonia and Snoopy would make great friends as they both lived to tell their amazing story. 
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