Our June newsletter introduces you to seven rescued equines, a petition that drew over 130,000 signatures, and the launch of the Donkey Wall of Fame....Read on....

A bitter sweet welcome

Among 16 rescued equines, only 7 survive

It was a bittersweet welcome last month when we greeted sixteen newly rescued equines at our donkey sanctuary. Sweet because we love to take care of needy equines, but bitter because they were in such a bad state. Sadly, nine did not survive. They arrived with irreparable injuries, or were simply too weak to make it.

The seven surviving equines are doing well.  Some of them are blind, others are lame, and all are constantly hungry. We are happy to be able to provide them with good facilities, and a well deserved retirement. Welcome Chuck, Silver, June, Kyle, Chandani,  Kusha and Lava!

"Have a heart and stop the abuse"

“Please stop the abuse against equines working in brick factories. They do not deserve a life like this. Hire humans to work not equines, don’t just look at money. Have a heart and stop all this abuse.” – Sita Pun

“If you have animals working for you, it is your job to make sure they are in good health at least. I hope government will activate some projects to monitor health and hygiene.” – Sidhanta Shrestha

“Giving torture to such innocent animal is the example of cruelty…need to stop right now…” – Hema Gurung

These were some of the comments among the over 130,000 signatures collected in just two weeks to stop equine abuse in Nepal’s brick factories. The petition was posted by Animal Nepal on to raise awareness about the grave abuse by some owners.

The petition was handed over to Mr Mahendra Bahadur Chitrakar, President of the Federation of Nepal Brick Industries, on May 12, 2013.  The Federation of Brick Industries is committed to promoting a responsible industry, and has taken a strong stance against child labour.

Animal abuse is a new theme for the industry, explained Mr Chitrakar, who has agreed to discuss the issue with the members.

The petition is directed to the Ministers of Agriculture, Finance and Industries, who will receive the petition next week.

What's happening at Animal Nepal in June?

Become a VVID!

Ever thought of becoming a Very Important Donkey (VID) or even a Very Very Important Donkey (VVID)? This is your chance, as Animal Nepal has launched a Donkey Wall of Fame, to raise additional funds for the construction of user- and eco friendly donkey stables. 

Animal Nepal opened its Donkey Sanctuary in 2009, to act as a home for rescued handicapped and sick working equines, providing them retirement from a life of abuse in one of Nepal’s brick factories. Since then Animal Nepal has rescued and rehabilitated over 50 equines.

We now see the need to expand the sanctuary. We have leased a larger piece of land on a more central location in Godavari, where we have been offered the use of two existing training centers. After much brainstorming we decided to build a new Donkey Sanctuary with a Mission.

The sanctuary will be a place where animals are treated with kindness and compassion and where visitors can learn about the abuse that place against equines in Nepal. We have teamed up with a socially responsible company called The Sanctuary, which is building a tented camp next to the new donkey shelter. 

Individual sponsors can either acquire a VVID (Very Very Important Donkey) status on the Donkey Wall of Fame @ € 500, or a VID (Very Important Donkey) status @ € 250 euro. They can also buy a ‘brick’ @ 25 euro. 

Contact us for more information!

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