Hella is special to us in so many ways. She is not just a mere pony rescued from a brick factory but we have learned from her that time can be the biggest healer if one holds on.  

Hella is a beautiful, reddish pony of around 8 years whom we met on May 21, 2014 after we got a call from Bhaktapur Brick Factory for her rescue. What we found was a group of equines on the verge of death. Their conditions were heart wrenching and Hella was the worst of all. She suffered from a severe bacterial infection, saddle wounds and hoof problems. We negotiated with her owner but all in vain. The owner was not ready to keep and treat her and we had no expectation that she would make it if abandoned. Hella and four other equines were taken to the Chobar Animal Shelter.

Hella at the time of her rescue (Bhktapur Brick Factory)
The first few days were worst for Hella. She struggled to survive as our dedicated team kept eyes on her 24/7. After a month long medication Hella began to show improvements. Her feeding and appearance started getting better day by day.  It's been almost a year since we rescued her and now Hella is fully recovered although she will always have a slight walking problem. She enjoys her new life with her few best friends at our Donkey Sanctuary. Hella is still that shy pony who loves to hide behind her best friend Buddy. She was named 'Hella' by Bert Plusquin after the name of his partner through our Name a Donkey auction.
Hella and Buddy are often seen together and are Best Friends Forever!

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