July is Dog Adoption Month at Animal Nepal
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July Adoption Month: A Success!

Animal Nepal celebrates the success July Adoption Month during which eight lucky puppies were adopted by loving families. 
Among them were Chris Stromlund and family who adopted Mini, and Milan Shrestha who gave a home to Maxi. Amrita Subedi from Daanchi adopted 10 days old pup Jack while Tara Buddha Magar from Mahankal, Saral Shrestha from Kapan, Santosh KC and Hari Kumar Dhoju from Lalitpur adopted newly rescued puppies born from the same mother. Roshesh Giri from Mangal Bazar opend his heart for Brownie and Tara Rana Magar from Kausaltar provided a loving home to Paphu. Many people visited our shelter and some kindly left a donation. 
Adoption of Paphu added a cherry on the Adoption Month cake as we were not only able to give a home to healthy puppies but also to this lovely handicapped dog whose one eye had to be removed due to a severe injury. 


Mass Vaccination Campaigns vaccinate hundreds of dogs 

Animal Nepal conducted three mass vaccination campaign at Nakkhu Dobato, Chobar Village and Jalbinayak temple area. The first one followed a suspected rabies outbreak. The Jalbinayak campaign was conducted as a call from the local community whereas the Chobar Village campaign was part of our ongoing ‘Chobar Rabies Free’ campaign. In Nakkhu 92 dogs were vaccinated, while at Jalbinayak 42 got protection against rabies. Whereas in Chobar villege more than 50 dogs were vaccinated. Along with that sick and injured dogs were treated, and local people received education about rabies protection.  

Birth of Two Adorable Foals at Animal Nepal

ANIMAL NEPAL became proud parents when two beautiful foals took their first step at Godavari Donkey Sanctuary, Badikhel. PUFFIN gave birth to a beautiful female foal on 10th July and just five days later VICTORY blessed us with an adorable boy. Both the foals born healthy and is enjoying their happy life with their mother at Godavari.
Singh's Happy Feet!

When Singh was rescued from Bhaktapur brick factory he seemed at the end of his wits due to a severe front leg injury and various other wounds. The young red-brown 2 year old was the victim of a fight among equines at a Bhaktapur brick factory.
Animal Nepal veterinarians provided the hard working equine with treatment including  Electric laser Massage Therapy, Comfortable bedding and hoof trimming. Singh showed a rapid improvement and today his legs truly are 'Happy Feet'. 
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