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Better than the OSCARS...The Equine Welfare Awards!

And the winners are…the equines, their owners and handlers, and the local community.
The Animal Nepal Equine Welfare Awards, held at the donkey sanctuary, were a great way to celebrate the progress and achievements made by the local brick factory owners. The education and awareness workshops paid off and everyone left feeling proud and motivated. Animal welfare was the key focus and the daily lives of the equines and the brick factory workers have made a significant leap forward. 

Monkey Mela

Animal Nepal organises a Monkey  Mela the first Saturday of each month. The event celebrates animals and the environment. Join us for our flea market, workshops for kids, good food, and lots of other goodies:)

Having a hard day at the office?

How about working 12 hours a day carrying a heavy load, malnourished, dehydrated and beaten?


There is an answer!

Animal Nepal has been working with local brick factories running mobile clinics as well as education, training,and advocacy workshops. An outreach programme has been set up to help these working equines escape a life of unspeakable abuse and to reach out to their owners and the local communities.


Fun and games and making an ‘ass’ of ourselves for donkey welfare!

Earlier this month, Animal Nepal organised one of its equine welfare workshop for equine owners and handlers.
Fun, interactive games were played to highlight the issues the donkeys face on a daily basis. Team building and sharing experiences was a great ways to motivate and build relationships with the equine owners and handlers. 

To find out more about the Equine Outreach programme, click here 

Can you help Animal Nepal continue this vital work? If you want to help these poor horses, mules and donkeys escape a life of abuse, donate here
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