Happy Father's Day from Glow Fish Studios!

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Happy Father's Day

Here's to the men in your life

My dad is probably the most laid back guy you will ever meet.  If you have had the opportunity to work with him you know that work doesn't start until you've had a nice relaxing breakfast and if it is sunny out lunch will be followed by soaking up some rays.  I didn't think I married a man like my father until a friend recently asked, "what motivates Bruce, I know it isn't money."  At that moment I realized I had married someone who shared similar qualities to my dad.  

I'm not sure what motivates either one of them but they have taught me the following:

-money does not make a man, there are jerks who are poor and nice people that are rich just as the opposite is true
-there will also always be someone who has more than you and someone who has less so be happy with what you have
-you will never have power through intimidation but through respect and love
-enjoy the simple pleasures in life, especially when they involve good conversations with interesting people
-don't waste your time on being angry, it just makes you feel bad
-the world is filled with beauty, focus on that, there has always been and will always be ugly things in the world but you don't have to give them energy
-take lots of vacations
-be happy

Both of these men in my life are nice and I can't think of a more important quality to instill in Finley.  There are all sorts of things you learn in life from those around you.  It isn't easy to be nice sometimes.  People can be difficult and downright mean.  I try to have sympathy for them instead of hatred and anger.  They may not have had nice parents, never been exposed to forgiveness, or they could of just had a really bad day.  I believe it is your job to be nice and happy regardless of your circumstances.  For some of us it might take a lifetime to master this skill but what an important skill to work on.  

I hope you have a great weekend!
Happy Father's Day,

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