MWS student Joe Jamerson arrived at IWS with "legal pads full of questions."
How did IWS answer them?

IWS is an innovative and respected institution of higher learning, but to our alumni, students, and faculty, IWS is a loving place of renewal, enrichment, and challenge—balancing quality teaching and rich fellowship, while strongly emphasizing spiritual formation and participation in the life and mission of God. This nurturing and formational environment is scholarly, yet practical, academic, yet inspirational, and scripturally and historically rooted, yet culturally relevant.

During this year’s Scholarship Fund Campaign, we are sharing the stories of our students and alumni, stories of transformed lives and hearts set aflame with the love of God for the sake of his Kingdom, reaching out to the entire world. These stories are made possible by the investments of our donors.

As we approach the 18th anniversary of IWS, know that we appreciate your support of our mission. In fact, our students depend on it! Tuition only covers about 75% of operational costs. We need each of you to help build the financial muscle we need for a secure future. Our students will greatly benefit from the gifts received, and our mission will continue to be fulfilled. Thank you for your support of the Lord’s work through IWS!

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