We are Comm-unity
View this email in your browser on my mind. I am fascinated with the myriad ways we perceive it. How it moves us, how we move it, how we invest it...and how it increases when we invest it collectively.

There is a magnifying power in community.

I am blessed by the energy of so many beautiful communities! The most recent being the Tummy Temple, where I've been guest practitioner, offering Somatic Insight. That work being perhaps my strongest evidence that when we consciously invest our collective energies, the lines between giving and receiving blur into one joyful flow of energy!
Our physical, emotional, mental, and etheric bodies are intelligent flows of energy that our culture has largely ignored. Most of us did not grow up thinking of ourselves this way, nor were we taught to honor, listen to, align with, and learn from this innate intelligence.

As adults, many of us are now re-learning how to perceive these flows of energy
which we could likely access quite easily as young childrenand balance our adult development with our more timeless, essential become who we truly are. 

This requires dedicated practice. Somatic Insight is such a practice for me and the people with whom I share the work.
Wherever you are on your journey, and whatever practices you include on your path, may the offerings below yield a positive return on your energetic "investment." 

With gratitude for the energy you are and share, 

We are Comm-unity

Exploring the boundaries between individual and collective fields of energy


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