Spring Growth
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March 2, 2015

Welcome to Spring...
Although the Equinox is still over two weeks away, spring has sprung in Seattle. And its vibrant energy is pushing up shoots of new growth in my own life that were planted months (and years) ago.
Creative growth is a marvel. We can plant intentions in Life’s fertile soil, then watch for signs of life...often impatient and unmet. Suddenly, after countless cold days have come and gone and we’ve perhaps even lost track of what we planted so long ago, a marvelous little burst of energy comes into being.
Our little intentions have been developing all along, collecting enough energy to enter the world. And while we plant them and till their soil, Life itself is what guides us, in invisible ways, to give our intentions (often unwittingly) just what they need to grow...even when we have no idea what that is!
So it is with my latest saplings, grown from seeds I'd planted with no idea how on earth they'd take root...

Timed with the arrival of spring, the Tummy Temple is generously hosting my new creative offerings and I’d be honored if you’d take a few moments to read about them and share with others as you feel inspired...perhaps scattering new seeds that will grow in unimagined places.

Somatic Insight™ is an individual, 90-minute guided journey into the healing intelligence of body, emotions, mind and soul. You can read about this offering and book sessions here.

Awakening the Healer Within is a bi-weekly guided meditation circle that explores many practices employed in individual Somatic Insight sessions, within a group setting. This is an open, community event offered on a donation basis. You can find the details here

Both offerings invite the magnifying principle of "we." When we come together with focus and intention, we can tap a potent level of depth...enriching our soil and supporting our individual growth and a greater wholeness.

Please also explore two additional spring offerings I've linked to the images below, and see if there's something to feed your own spring growth spurt.

Much gratitude for your attention and supportboth seen and unseen... 

I am ever aware that we’re in this life together and we need each other in order to develop and share our unique gifts.

Spring blessings,

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Making the Connection to Our Own Healing and Wholeness

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