Tired of a million products in your bathroom? Y'all, things are about to get awesome.

In celebration of Earth Day, you can try the coolest, simplest, most effective personal care line for $5 this weekend only.

Can I tell you about Akamai?

Akamai is personal care, radically simplified. They have three products - THREE - and those products are as natural and safe as they come and do pretty much everything. 

For this weekend only (so, like, RIGHT NOW), you can try their Essentials Kit - a $38-value of their three products - for free. Well, almost. You just pay $5 in shipping. But STILL. I know, right???

I'm not usually one to share products with you guys, not like this anyway, but I've been quietly using Akamai for about a month now because I wanted to make sure it was awesome before I told you about it. Y'all, I luuuuuuv it. 

Describing Akamai literally takes two seconds because of how simple it is. It's so Lazy Genius it's stupid.


  1. They have three products. Just three. A 3-in-1 bar that's for bathing, shaving, and hair - it's super luxurious; some bonkers magic in a bottle called Skin Fuel for moisturizing your face, conditioning your hair, and making your legs and face (depending on what you're shaving, dudes) protected and happy; and a mineral toothpaste that's surprisingly effective and not at all gross.
  2. They automatically ship whatever products you need (assuming you're not into all three) every two months in their Essentials Kit. No more couponing for random cleansers, shopping for whatever moisturizer your neighbor's mom's sister swears by but costs a million dollars, or reaching for a dozen products from your shower and sink every morning.
It's that simple. 

You can try their three products FOR FREE THIS WEEKEND Y'ALL THIS IS NUTS. Yes, you sign up for the subscription, but you can cancel it at any time. You're only in the five bucks for shipping, and the Skin Fuel alone is well worth six times that. Seriously, I'm addicted to it.

I use these products every day and not much else. At night, I do a swipe of my homemade essential oil face serum in conjunction with the Skin Fuel just because I LUV MY OHLS. They all become friends on my face. I still have a mountain of personal care products I've gotten on sale at Target that I rotate in and out with the Akamai products because I'm allergic to waste. But once all of that nonsense is out of my bathroom? I'm Akamai all the way, and I can't wait. You guys, this is seriously such a Lazy Genius company, and I'm so pumped they're doing this INSANE offer this weekend so you can try them out.

So here's what you do:
  1. Click this link, and then click "Get Started" to see the products. 
  2. Add the Essentials Kit to your cart.
  3. Use promo code EARTH to get it for FREE and just pay $5 in shipping. 
  4. Get your shockingly simple personal care products and see if you love them with the fire of a thousand suns like I do.
  5. If you don't? Just cancel. You have nothing to lose.


Give it a try. This offer ends on Sunday, so scoot. 

P.S. If you travel a lot, aren't a morning person, or habitually fill your Target cart with pretty bottles you don't need, this stuff will change your life.
Go try it now, y'all!
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