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April 8, 2014

Letter To Alan Simpson

Alan Simpson's editorial today (Cody Enterprise, 4/3/14) left me almost at a loss as to where to begin to respond.  But first, I am not in the TEA Party, nor have I ever written Mr. Simpson via email or otherwise.  I am a friend of Bob Berry's, but that's his problem, not mine.  I've also endured being called just about every name in the book by those who disagree with my views like Mr. Simpson has, but it goes with the territory.

After making statements like "Never have we needed more shepherds to control the sheepdogs," and "Why should the sheepdogs force and foist their religious and political ideas on the rest of us?"  and, "Don't foist your views on me and I won't foist mine on you."  Mr. Simpson then calls for "compromise." Why is it that compromise always seems to favor the more liberal interpretation of the issue...the lowest common denominator...the easy way out?

Mr. Simpson played a number of cards, including homosexual marriage, women and abortion.  What about our children, fostering hatred, and even a not-so-subtle apparent dig at creationists ("fake science")?  Let's take a closer look:

I'd like to start with the "What about our children?" question.  Should we be teaching children the truly fake "science" story that their ancestors were fish that turned to monkeys that became people who have no real purpose to their existence other than to survive then die?  For the sake of a little humor, I might call that the salmon-to-simian-to Simpson story.  Can we compromise on that one and agree that the so-called "science" fable we've been taught just might not be true?

When we're done with that, should we "dump" on our children that, although for thousands of years humanity has accepted normal marriage as being between a man and a woman, now it's ok for a man to kiss a man and have sex with him, though that's not going to make more children, but we'll explain that later.  How do you compromise on that?  Either marriage is between a man and a woman or it's not.  There's no in-between.  As for the appeal to the number of divorces, Mr. Simpson has hosted making a mockery of the "sanctity of marriage."  Is marriage the problem here or people?  How does that justify redefining what constitutes marriage?  It's a non-sequitor. Why don't we redefine "lawyer" so anyone who wants to be a lawyer can be one and enjoy the benefits of such?  And what will we say when hordes of gay marriages start falling apart?  So, can we compromise on that one and agree to just keep the status quo and not try to force a re-definition of terms?

Then there's the abortion issue.  "Men legislators shouldn't even vote on it," according to Simpson.  So, men have nothing to do with having babies or being fathers?  Perhaps we should get men more involved in taking responsibility for their part in baby making. And why should I, as a man, not have a say in preventing the deaths of millions of babies each year?  Just because someone in government said "it's not really a baby."?  Can we compromise on that one and encourage women to carry the pregnancy through and put the baby up for adoption, or help in some other way as many agencies are, in fact, trying to do?

And why is it that those of us who prefer to defend normal marriage, not support homosexual activism, not kowtow to the feminist agenda regarding abortion (which is often detrimental to women), who support traditional religious and moral teachings, and who seek to preserve the beliefs and actions that made this country great, are now branded as "haters?"

In the end, Mr. Simpson admonishes those of us who disagree with him, "Give up trying to change it and us."  He concludes with what sounds like a warning that the "shepherds are now awake and on the watch."

As a conservative, I am not trying to change things.  But our country is broke (in more ways than one), and it needs fixin'.  Also, as a conservative, I believe there is a greater Shepherd to whom I'll have to answer to some day, greater than even the U.S. Government.  And that's what keeps this old sheepdog running.

John Verderame
Cody, WY 

Editor's note:
Mr. Simpson served in Congress at a time when the nation became a welfare state, a debtor nation that shows no sign of either paying its debts, ceasing its fiscal irresponsibility or ending its moral decline.  

Compromise?  Not a chance!  There was a time when you could compromise with your political adversary, but no longer.  Today the challenger probably doesn't even believe in free-market capitalism or wants to challenge the Constitution as "no longer relevant" since it was written "400 years ago," as one congresswoman recently said (actually, it was written 227 years ago).

Mr. Simpson has either forgotten, never understood or IS the liberal that looks at every compromise as getting closer to their goal of secular socialism...and they never give up!  They have compromised our nation to near oblivion.

I don't need a political "shepherd" to guide me through this life....I'm an American!

Ray DiLorenzo

If you would like to read Mr. Simpson's original "Letter to the Editor,"  click the link below:
 News You Can Use

California Obamacare Sends Voter Registration Cards Pre-Marked "Democrat"
Covered California, the California Obamacare exchange, is sending out voter registration cards to all of its sign-ups due to pressure from left-wing groups. Between private sign-ups and Medicaid enrollees nearly four million Californians could receive voter registration cards pre-marked "Democrat."  Covered California is denying the pre-marked registration cards.  Daily Caller, Infowars

TEA Party Candidate Wins As Write-In for PA State Senate
A TEA Party candidate became the first ever state senator to win as a write-in candidate in Pennsylvania.  Scott Wagner won 48% of the vote while Democrat Linda Small received 26%. Establishment Republican Ron Miller got 27% of the vote.  Wagner ran on a "platform of smaller government and fiscal conservatism."   Washington Free Beacon, Breibart

TEA Party Movement Rising in France
A backlash against both political parties has created a strong TEA Party movement in France.  Socialist President Francois Hollande's failed economic policies and hard left socialist policies have angered many people who have never previously participated in politics.  Breibart

Ft. Hood Site Of Second Shooting
Iraq war veteran, Ivan Lopez, killed 3 soldiers and wounded 16 more before turning the gun on himself.  Reports say between 20 - 30% of the U.S. Military are on psychiatric meds and Lopez joins the long list of shooters on these meds.  The side effects from these meds have been linked to impaired judgment and suicide. Unfiltered News, Fox News

Michigan Becomes 34th State to Endorse Constitutional Convention
Such a convention would open up the possibility of the Constitution being scrapped and rewritten.  Michigan becomes the last state needed to convene. Article V requires a 2/3 vote of the states to convene a Constitutional Convention, but does not cover the possibility of rescinding their vote after they have given it. Several states have rescinded their call, but there is no precedent for this.  It will probably go to the Supreme Court.   Fox News

Sen. John Barrasso Says The White House is Cooking the Books on the Number of Obamacare Signups
Administration says over 6 million, but Barrasso says only about 60% actually follow through with payment.  About 5 million people who had their policies canceled have been lumped in with new enrollees whether they signed up or not. Actual numbers will be much lower.  Fox News

Student Eats Legal Pot Cookie Then Jumps To His Death
A student at Northwest College in Powell, Wyoming while in Denver on spring break dove off a balcony to his death after eating a marijuana-laced cookie purchased at one of the new pot shops., USA Today

Israel Allocates Almost $3 Billion for Iran Attack
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has reportedly ordered the military to prepare for a possible strike against Iran's nuclear facilities.  Newsmax

South Carolina University Holds "How To Be A Lesbian" Seminar, Uses Taxpayer Money Students at the University of South Carolina have the opportunity to learn "How To Be A Lesbian in 10 Days Or Less."  The event is part of a two-day April symposium and conference which intends to explore the "new normal, old normals and future normals."  This story would be less newsworthy had not a traditional marriage conference been denied funding at Stanford University and condemned as "hate speech" by the Graduate Student Council. Townhall.Com  
Ed. The liberal does not believe in absolute truths.  Everything is relative. It looks like education does not buy you wisdom.  

Global Warming Guru Reverses Himself
Green Guru and geophysicist James Lovelock, considered one of the pioneering scientists of the 20th century, has officially turned his back on man-made global warming and the endeavor for renewable energy.  A UN Lead Author, Dr. Richard Tol, joined Lovelock this week in slamming the UN and had his name removed from the IPCC report (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Control).  TEA Party Economist

Just In
Another Banker Found Dead
On March 19, we reported in this newsletter that top bankers around the world have been found either dead or missing in the past several months. We have just received a report that a former top Dutch bank CEO, Jan Schmittmann, 57, has been found dead this past weekend, apparently of suicide, along with his wife and 22 year old daughter in their home in The Netherlands.  The police said they will not comment on the manner of death, the time or the contents of the suicide note. Business Insider


SF-104 Update

1/28/2014    Wyoming Supreme Court rules SF-104 unconstitutional

2/26/2014    Wyoming Supreme Court again rules SF-104 unconstitutional and states that the Wyoming Department of Education must come within constitutional bounds "as quickly as possible."  The Supreme Court remands the case back to District Court in Cheyenne for an order consistent with their ruling.

The State then argued in the District Court that five small provisions of the Act are constitutional and wish to sever these provisions from SF-104.

We argued otherwise with the charge that indeed the state was trying to "run out the clock" as stated by the Supreme Court.

We filed a brief that severability is not an issue.  The final brief by the state is due on Monday, April 7.

The Court says they will decide the matter promptly.

In the mean time, the Department of Education has been operating pursuant to a statute that has been ruled as unconstitutional by the Supreme Court with the apparent blessings of the Governor and the Attorney General

Bob Ruckman Update
For those that are unaware, Bob Ruckman, one of our Board members, was in a serious car accident.  He is currently in Billings undergoing therapy. We are happy to report that Bob is doing well.  The Doctors are happy with his progress and we pray for his continuing recovery.  

We are very fortunate to have Bob on our team at the Big Horn Basin TEA Party and humbly ask God to have him back with us soon.
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We defend our children............................ with a sign that reads:


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Unfiltered News

Ed.  Ft. Hood - two shootings, 17 dead, 46 injured, gun free zone
Aurora, CO theater shooting - 12 dead, 70 injured, gun free zone (theater did not honor concealed weapon permits)


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Fact Check
Chicago Murder Rate Drops
Chicago murder rate drops after Illinois passes concealed carry law. In July of 2013, Illinois became the last state to adopt a concealed carry law.  In January of this year, the state began accepting applications for concealed carry permits.  This week Chicago police announced that the city's first quarter murder rate was the lowest since 1958.  Tea Party Economist, Red State
Ed. What a shock!


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