Revoice Pro 2.5 Out Now
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Automatic Time and Pitch Editing… Easier, Faster and Better Sounding

We're pleased to announce that Revoice Pro 2.5 is now available.

So what's new?  Firstly, we listened to your requests and focused on improving the workflow and ease of use. We've also kept sound quality at the top of our list. You know from your own experience that there’s more to changing the timing and tuning of audio than simply getting it in time and in tune. We believe modifications should come without artefacts.

So we made sure our unique automatic Audio Performance Transfer (APT) and Doubler processes could do amazing things to modify audio as you want it to be, but still keep the performances sounding natural. As a result, we're really pleased to say that our users tell us Revoice Pro has the best-sounding time and pitch manipulations.

But don't take only our word for it:


"Revoice Pro saves me and my team hours of work when it comes to vocal pitch and timing correction with doubled vocals and backgrounds. It is amazing how fast the workflow is!" Tony Maserati

"I started using Revoice Pro on 'American Hustle' and it's become my favorite tool for ADR. The sync feature is spot on and now I'm using the pitch feature to match performances."  Renée Tondelli

“Revoice Pro has significantly increased my productivity while maintaining a level of quality I'm accustomed to hearing on top level productions. It can really shape vocal stacks in a unique way, and has become a powerful tool in my arsenal.” Doc Wiggers

What Revoice Pro Can Do For You
  • Instantly gives one audio signal the timing and/or pitch of another
  • Keeps it natural - you set the tightness of the pitch and time alignment
  • Transfers speech pitch patterns from one voice to another
  • Provides the best-sounding manual and automatic time and pitch adjustments
  • Creates natural-sounding double tracks
  • Works with any DAW, Mac and Windows, with Link plug-ins for major DAWs
  • Saves you hours of tedious audio editing
Great News on Cost
  • It's free for existing Revoice Pro license owners. Just download and run it.
  • If you don't own it, we have a great offer via our worldwide dealers on in our store where you can get 25% OFF the Recommend Retail Price until 31 May 2014.
If you have tried it before with a trial license and want to try it again, contact us to request a further trial license.

Process Creation – Now Faster
Than the Speed of Sound

Perfecting that huge vocal stack, tight rap or screaming guitar harmony is just a few clicks away. Revoice Pro 2.5 lets you automatically edit multiple takes to match one guide in a single high-speed operation. What's more, you control precisely how tight these tracks sound together.
Doubler – Narrow or Wide?
It’s Your Choice

A single Doubler interface now allows the selection of mono or stereo outputs from mono or stereo inputs, simplifying operation.  In seconds, you can create great natural-sounding double tracks when none existed before.
Mac OS X - Time Machine – Never Lose Anything

For users with Mac OSX 10.7 and higher, Revoice Pro sessions are saved automatically in the background using OSX's Time Machine, so you can browse through earlier Revoice Pro sessions.

Watch our video on 'What's New In Revoice Pro 2.5"

For Pro Tools Users - 4 Plug-ins get Results Faster and Easier
Our collection of Pro Tools plug-ins now features four powerful workflow tools to choose from. The NEW Quick Doubler and Quick APT (Audio Performance Transfer) plug-ins offer "VocALign-like" AudioSuite (AAX) operations to drive Revoice Pro with minimal effort and maximum speed. This means all the power of Revoice Pro's time and pitch tightening or doubling can be applied to Pro Tools audio in a few simple keystrokes.
The Revoice Pro Link plug-in integrates with Pro Tools to get audio to and from Revoice Pro quickly, while maintaining full control, flexibility and power.
Lastly, the Revoice Pro Monitor is a RTAS plug-in that locks Revoice Pro's audio sample-accurately to Pro Tools audio and video playback, and lets you monitor Revoice Pro's audio through Pro Tools.

APT Pitch Limits
Go Down Low or Fly High

Low or high frequency instruments and voices have always taxed pitch adjustment software. In Revoice Pro 2.5 the limits of the pitch editor can now be graphically adjusted to extreme ranges in the source pitch.
This means vocal with very low or rough pitch, or even bass guitars and flutes can be used successfully as input signals to Revoice Pro.  Now, editors can quickly make fine adjustments, prevent octave errors in difficult signals and even tune bass guitar notes manually with ease and clarity.

If you have tried Revoice Pro before with a trial license and want to try it again, contact us to request a further trial license.

Time Limited Offer

A 25% off Introductory Offer is available via our worldwide dealers or in our web store until 31 May 2014.

                                         RRP                            OFFER
North America:            US $599                    US $449
Europe:                      €449 (ex VAT)            € 336 (ex VAT)
UK/Rest of World:        £374 (ex VAT)            £280 (ex VAT)

This offer also applies to upgrades from VocALign. 

Revoice Pro license owners can download the V2.5 upgrade Free of Charge. 
NOTE: Product pricing, features, specifications, system requirements, and availability are subject to change without notice.
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