Since launching the Safe Return pilot in January, we've gotten up to 15 calls a week. So many people need help finding housing or work, but sometimes someone just needs a pair of shoes. Sometimes they need help knowing how to talk to their CCO or where to get legal advice.

Sometimes it's easy to connect someone to a resource. Sometimes, you can't and it breaks your heart, but you can still listen and offer compassion, especially when you know what it's like and have been through it too. That's what we mean by a Safe Return:  having allies you can lean on when it gets hard.

Thank you for your support!
Since December, we raised $38,000 for Safe Return!  Thank you to all who gave!

We have $32, 000 to go to fund this program for the rest of the year - because this phone is going to keep ringing! Please consider making a gift that is meaningful to you. 

(Scroll Down to learn more about the Safe Return program and budget)
"Giving is not just about contributing money or anything like that; it’s the other end, of how much it’s serving you — when you give money does it serve your heart to give money to this place, and in what way?

That’s what’s important to me: if you are giving money, then do it from the heart, do it because you want a different world, and you see Freedom Project as a way to contribute to that different world. 

This way, you’re going to receive just as much as you’re giving. You’re going to find that place of community, that place of belonging
-Rusty Thomas, Freedom Project Co-founder



JUN 27: Community Circle, Seattle
JULY 10: Volunteer Info Session, Seattle
JULY 13-14: NVC for You & Me, Seattle
JULY 15: Decentering Whiteness in NVC, Seattle
JULY 25: Community Circle, Seattle
AUG 10: "How We See People" Anti-Oppression/ Mass Incarceration, Seattle
AUG 14: Volunteer Info Session, Seattle
AUG 24-25: NVC for You & Me, Seattle
AUG 26: Decentering Whiteness in NVC, Seattle
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