1NVC for You & Me: It takes a whole orchestra



FEB 28  Community Circle, Seattle
MAR 9  Anti-Oppression/Mass Incarceration, Seattle
MAR 13  Volunteer Information Night, Seattle
MAR 16-17  Volunteer Connection, Spokane
MAR 28  Community Circle, Seattle
APR 10  Volunteer Information Night, Seattle
APR 13  Anti-Oppression/Mass Incarceration, Seattle
APR 13-14  Volunteer Training, Kennewick
NVC for You & Me
It takes a whole orchestra

No one can do it alone. These problems are systemic. If we are going to actually make changes, it's going to take every single one of our contributions to move the needle. It takes a village. No one person- band, it takes an orchestra.

We are passionate about the idea of reframing NVC so that it is re-centered in the culture and the history of People of Color's experience in this country. But we know that the framing of NVC is only part of what prevents people who come from our communities from participating in the trainings. The average person can’t take off 7 days from work and, the cost of many NVC trainings put them out of reach for many folks. Roxy has agreed to come to Seattle from Oakland 1 weekend a month so many people can get an in-depth training without missing work. And the Freedom Project has committed to raising the funds to make her trips possible so that we can share this important work at no cost to those who participate. We will also help with transportation and child-care if that's needed. Our goal is to strip away the barriers that might prevent someone from joining us on this journey. There is limited space available for people to participate, but actually participating is only a part of the movement to integrate NVC with racial equity. There are so many other parts to play. So many other different ways to support.

If you want to support this work with financial gifts because you are passionate about NVC being accessible to all communities you can support by going to

If you want to support this work by donating air miles to Roxy and those helping her to facilitate this Leadership series please contact me at

If you want to support this work but are unable to financially or for any other reason you can't participate in the leadership series, please check out our website and check out Marshall Rosenbergs book Nonviolent Communication and lets continue the conversation of making NVC more accessible to all communities.

The Power of Giving
Inspirational Video
Being rich is not about how much you have, but how much you give.
Volunteer to be a Reentry Ally
Be that much needed support. Help someone to have a safe return back into the community 
Thank you to all who have been donating to our Safe Return program ( over the past couple months. We are currently looking for volunteers to help launch our pilot Reentry Ally Program. Participants (incarcerated individuals soon to be released) who have participated in our Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and/or mindfulness workshops inside prison will be matched with two or more volunteer reentry allies.

Our goals are to:

  • Reduce the rate of recidivism for the program's participants.

  • Enhance the dignity of participants by encouraging them to make choices that will help them become successful.

  • Provide participants with the interpersonal support from reentry allies and staff that will help them solve problems, gain hope and increase their confidence.

  • Provide information that will support participants in connecting to the services they need: housing, employment, mental health, spiritual needs, etc.

  • Use NVC and mindfulness to foster compassionate communication and active self-awareness in all program staff, reentry allies, and participants.

  • Create a place where successful participants can eventually become reentry allies to a new round of participants.

If you or a friend are interested in becoming a reentry ally, please email us at

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