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June 2019

As we move into the second half of 2019, it is exciting to think about what lies ahead. The year is still full of possibilities, and we are encouraged by the ongoing commitment of our members to this work, their personal and professional growth, and the better growth of their businesses. 

There's a better way for WA, and you're part of that.

Here at CGE, we are always on the lookout for things (articles, books, podcasts, or simply great conversations) that prompt an "ah-ha!" moment of clarity. Or something that makes us go, "why didn't I think of that?!"

One of those this month for us was the viral news article about a boss who told staff to "stop apologising for having lives" that we thought sent a great message about the power of workplace culture and leadership. Because in the end, we know that leaders are what transform organisations. 

CEO Roundtable hosted by KPMG and Sue Murphy AO

Matt Woods Chairman of Partners, WA at KPMG and outgoing Chairman of Partners Gary Smith were joined by Sue Murphy AO non-executive director as our co-facilitator to host a CEO Roundtable.

It is fair to say that large workplaces typically have the resources and ability to drive gender balance. But beyond the systems, policies and processes that support gender equity, WA still has the highest pay gap in Australia (22.4% according to the ABS) and the lowest number of women in senior leadership roles.

Some workplaces, including many professional services firms, have been on the gender equity journey for at least a decade and have much to celebrate, seeing positive results with women at the top.

This Roundtable discussion acknowledged however that despite these wins, 'boy's clubs' sub-cultures may still persist in some pockets of the business, while not existing in others. But unlike most conversations about 'boy's clubs', this discussion did not centre on what women need to do to break into, navigate or conquer the 'boy's club'...

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CEOs for Gender Equity wishes to congratulate some recent recipients of the Order of Australia during the Queen's Birthday celebration on June 10 this month:
  • Gail McGowan - Member of CGE
  • Sue Murphy - Associate member of CGE
  • Diane Smith-Gander - Advocate for women's engagement and gender equality
Thank you for making an outstanding contribution to Australian society and for your distinguished and continued service.
Sue Murphy reflected on the challenges of her time in charge as CEO of the Water Corporation on ABC Radio.

Deep Dive | WA Women's Plan Consultation | 19 June

CGE was thrilled to host a lively conversation amongst delegates, guests and friends this month to discuss the State Government's Women's Plan, to tackle gender inequality in WA. This plan will provide a framework for coordinated action by government, businesses, organisations and individuals with practical steps to advance gender equality. As the State's largest employer and procurer, the State Government can have a significant influence on improving outcomes for women in WA. 

CGE stands together with the WA State Government to improve outcomes by focusing on the role of leaders and leadership. Thanks to all for sharing your insights, relying on the collective wisdom in the room to develop a submission to the WA State Government for its Women's Plan. Thanks also to South32 for hosting this important conversation, and to the WA State Government for this opportunity for us to have a say and to shape the plan through the consultation process. Watch this space for CGE's formal submission!
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CGE Welcome | Amy Coetzee

Hi all! I'm excited to let you know that I've recently joined CGE as a gender mainstreaming consultant (translation: adopting a gender lens to assess the different implications of systems and policies on both men and women). Recently, I worked at the OECD in Paris on inclusive governance, gender mainstreaming and gender budgeting, and contributed to several key gender equity governance implementation initiatives. I hold a Master’s Degree in Public Policy and Management from the University of Melbourne and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where I was an Australia Award Endeavour Postgraduate Scholar. Previously, I was the CEO of Global Voices, a non-profit 
organisation which gives young Australians unique practical foreign policy experience at the World Bank & IMF, OECD, G20, UN and more. I also gained valuable experience working in the federal public service as a consultant, focused on community grants and humanitarian settlement work. After pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and French at UWA and the University College Maastricht, I also volunteered as a program manager in several civil society organisations, including in Cusco, Peru. My interests include gender equity, youth engagement, cooking and travelling, especially to visit family in my native South Africa.
-- Amy Coetzee

CGE featured on The Juggle Podcast

CGE Executive Officer, Tania Cecconi, was interviewed on The Juggle Podcast this month talking about gender equity as a cultural issue that is a conversation that starts from the top, and what it means to start “rolling up your sleeves” and make a deeper commitment to gender equity.

The Juggle Podcast hosts, Jo Alilovic, employment lawyer, business owner, employer of flexible workers, mother of three and Lucy Dickens, senior associate and mother of two, believe that the future of work demands diversity, inclusion and flexible work options for all. They regularly speak and consult on flexibility at work, parental leave and return to work.

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Special Event: Career Advice from Dr. Karl
29 July @ State Library of WA

Join everybody’s favourite doctor for some entertaining and educational career advice. Suitable for high-school students, Dr Karl will discuss the myriad options available in the fields of science, technology, climate change, engineering, and genetics. Prof. Lyn Beazley will facilitate this session which will open young people to a world of opportunities and get them excited for their futures.

Bookings essential and limited spots available.

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Upcoming Events

CEO Roundtable
August 7 | 07:30 - 09:00 | WACOSS
By invitation only, hosted by Louise Giolitto
Unique, intimate and in-depth conversations hosted and convened by a CGE CEO to inspire and influence commitment with other CEOs who are not members of CEOs for Gender Equity. 


Deep Dive | Allure South Sea Pearls
July 31 | 17:45 for 18:00 - 20:00 | 316 Rockeby Rd, Subiaco WA
Register Here
Hosted by Lindsay Youd
Action group deep dives are convened by CGE with representatives in D&I, HR and Comms/PR who share learnings with CEOs/ELT.  


Disrupted Festival | Career Advice from Dr. Karl 
July 2910:30 State Library of Western Australia
Register here
Suitable for high-school students

Please check with CGE to confirm event details that may be subject to change to accommodate our hosts. 

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