July 2019
Focus: Women in Leadership

How well do you really know the gender pay gap?

We loved this recent article by WGEA's Director about some of the facts and myths surrounding the gender pay gap. What it is, how to fix it, and who it affects (hint: everyone!)

WGEA has awarded WA the dubious honour of 'winning the wooden spoon' when it comes to the gender pay gap. We have the widest organisational gender pay gap in the country (23.1% compared to the national average of 14.1%), we have the lowest uptake of GPG audits in WA and we also have the lowest number of women in senior leadership roles (9 out of 10 CEOs in WA are men).

This is not a coincidence - these things are inextricably linked.

Quick Fact #1:
It's not "like for like". The gender pay gap is organisational; it tells us how women are accessing higher paid and senior roles, or not. Take a look at the full-time workers in an organisation: add up the salaries of the men, add up the salaries of the women, and divide them. This gives you the organisational gender pay gap. 

Side note: Equal pay is different to the gender pay gap (this is the "equal pay for equal work" issue that refers to women and men who perform the same role - or different work of equal/comparable value - being paid the same).
Quick Fact #2: 
It's a structural matter. Across every sector and industry in Australia, the gender pay gap favours men. Even the public sector has an organisational pay gap: it is dominated by women at lower levels, and dominated by men in senior levels. where does this leave us?

In short: to close the gender pay gap in WA, we have to focus on how organisations and companies retain and promote women into leadership roles. We have to fix the "leaky pipeline". 

There's plenty of great research out there already about this, and it's exciting to see many private companies leading the way.

The question for the rest remains...which approaches to talent management are working and seeing capable women, along with capable men, rise up in their careers? What are the gendered barriers to career succession that are holding women back, and how can existing leaders remove these barriers?

Doing this will "level the playing field" to allow for the best candidates to rise. Because Australian women deserve the same opportunities and rewards in our workplaces as men.
CALL TO ACTION: Be a champion for women and do a workplace gender pay gap audit.

CGE's new membership & partnership offering

In response to an ongoing show of support for our work from the WA business community, non-profit, and public sectors, we are pleased to offer new membership options for organisations and individual (or aspiring!) leaders. 

As a leader, you have a unique sphere of influence. CEOs for Gender Equity recognises your unique role, which is why we do things differently. To check if we're the right fit for you, here's a quick list of 5 things we're about...and what we're not!
  1. CGE is not a "program". We're especially not a program about #fixingwomen. 
  2. We believe real change starts at the top.
  3. We know leaders in WA can inspire other leaders to get #genderontheagenda.
  4. Our CEOs are male and female.
  5. We're action orientated - once CEOs join us, action on gender equity is accelerated and change happens in their organisations. For real.
Do you want to be a part of CGE's vision to boost women's workforce participation, lift productivity, and increase economic growth by sustainably improving gender equity in jobs and pay enterprises throughout WA?
CEO Member

CGE Champion

CGE Advocate

  • Host & attend CEO Summits with all CEO members
  • Host & attend CEO Roundtables
  • Review your CEO Leadership Shadow
  • Offer internal inclusive conversations
  • and more...

  • Showcase your CEO Commitment statement online
  • Attend CEO Summits
  • Attend CEO Roundtables (2) 
  • Feature CEO "lessons learned" 

  • Leadership video (online)
  • Attend Deep Dives
  • Trial our membership products
Contact us to join today
Deidre Willmott - Non-executive director, Australia Post

Deidre Willmott, non-executive Director of Australia Post, will speak on the future of the workforce and the responsibility of corporations at The Governance Institute of Australia’s National Conference in Sydney on September 2-3. 

Deidre is a founding member of CEOs for Gender Equity and is passionate about addressing workplace flexibility is one of the major game-changers for the future of work in Australia ⁠— and something that disproportionately affects working women. 

Just Buy the F***ing Latte

Read the article here

"All this nonsense about lattes and shoes is shifting the attention — and thus the blame — for the underlying systemic money challenges women face, to the women themselves."
— Sallie Krawcheck, Ellevest

Upcoming Special Event:
Deep Dive at Allure South Sea Pearls

Including your chance to WIN a stunning set of pearl earrings! 
(door prize)

Join us for an exciting evening of pearls and champagne for a deep dive on your personal "why" for gender equity.

This is a unique opportunity for non-members of CEOs for Gender Equity to join the discussion and get a taste of the relaxed, intimate conversations that we facilitate to bring to light different ideas, thoughts and proposed actions for change that benefits all. 

Hosted by Allure South Sea Pearls, the evening will focus on the theme of your why for gender equity and why it's good for you, your workplace, and WA. 

To launch our new CGE member offering, we're delighted to invite you to join us, raise a glass, and be part of the deeper conversation happening in WA around what gender equity actually means for men, women, and our workplaces.

Wednesday 31 July | 1745 - 2000 | Allure South Sea Pearls, Subiaco

Limited places. Booking essential. RSVP here.

The Sunday Times (28 July 2019) — Calls are mounting to improve equality for working parents by increasing paid parental leave entitlements for fathers
(read article)

A national campaign has been launched by Men's Health and Marie Claire magazines to lobby for parental leave equality and changes to entrenched workplace cultures, in a Sunday Times article over the weekend.

Australia currently offers one of the least-generous paid parental leave schemes for new fathers, compared to other OECD countries.

Making it easier for men to share caregiving responsibilities would also help improve gender equity in the workplace, as noted by WGEA's Director.

CEOs for Gender Equity executive director Tania Cecconi noted that in line with progressive international standards: "both parents should be entitled to the same amount of paid and unpaid leave."

Upcoming Events

Deep Dive | Allure South Sea Pearls 

July 31 | 1745-2000 | 316 Rokeby Rd, Subiaco
Special CGE event open to members & non-members

CEOs for Gender Equity hosts 'deep dives' every six weeks that are conversations designed to accelerate gender equity from within the workplace, open to all who are not CEOs. Deep dive events are open to members' employees for free.

Register here

Mid-Year Celebration - Entry to the C-suite | Tower Human Capital Group

August 7 | 1730-1930 | Brookfield Place

C-suite welcome, hosted by Dale Calhoun, Tower Group

How did you get to the top? Most CEOs will tell you that they were 'tapped on the shoulder'. We ask CEOs to broaden the talent pool for succession & 'tap women on the shoulder' too. To learn more about the art of sponsorship, visit Entry to the C-suite

CEO Roundtable | Urban Development Institute of Australia

August 21 | 0730-0900 | Fraser's Restaurant

By invitation only, hosted by Tanya Steinbeck UDIA CEO

Unique, intimate and in-depth conversations hosted and convened by a CGE CEO to inspire and influence commitment with other CEOs who are not members of
CEOs for Gender Equity.


CEO Summit | Gender Impact

September 4 | 0730-0930 | Crown

By invitation only, hosted by WACOSS and Crown

This CEO Summit will focus on gender impact, acknowledging the role that each sector has in leading gender equity practice and finding ways to use a gender lens to assess the impact of strategies, policies and systems on gender. This Summit brings together CEOs from across the public, private and non-profit sectors.

Do you know a CEO that should join CEOs for Gender Equity?
Our goal is to recruit 125 CEOs by 2021 to help us achieve our vision.

We want to boost women’s workforce participation, lift productivity and increase economic growth by sustainably improving gender equity in jobs and pay across Western Australian enterprises.

You can help by introducing a CEO to CEOs for Gender Equity.

If you know a CEO who would like to attend a CEO Roundtable, please contact CGE Executive Officer Tania Cecconi at
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