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8 July 2015

News and events


Louise Katz Louise Katz at Speculative Fiction Festival 2015

Louise Katz, author of The Orchid Nursery (forthcoming 2015) and multiple Aurealis Award-winner, is among the panellists at the Speculative Fiction Festival 2015 on Saturday 18 July at the NSW Writers' Centre.

Festival director Cat Sparks describes The Orchid Nursery as “a chilling tale of a dystopian future” (see New Releases below). Louise is among a select group of authors, editors, publishers and academics sharing insights and discussing aspects of all the genre of speculative fiction has to offer.

Other panellists include Garth Nix, Kate Forsyth, Bruce McCabe, James Bradley, Isobelle Carmody, among many others. Lacuna publisher and editor Linda Nix will also be attending the festival. More information.

Eva NovyEvy Novy at Sydney Jewish Writers Festival 2015

Eva Novy has been invited to participate in the Sydney Jewish Writers Festival 2015, to be held on 29 and 30 August. The SJWF features writers from around Australia and overseas who identify as Jewish or who write on Jewish themes. Eva's debut novel, Darling, impossible! (published October 2014) is set among the Hungarian community in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs. Eva will be appearing on Sunday 30 August in a session provisionally titled “Schmoozing in the Eastern Suburbs”. More information.

“Rarely an idle moment” for “gutsy” Anne Fitzpatrick

Those who have read Anne Fitzpatrick's book Cycle of Learning might be forgiven for thinking “gutsy” refers to the results of her dairy addiction and carb loading while cycling around Australia. Rather, this is how the reviewer in the Weekend Australian describes Anne's commitment to her cause:

Anne FItzpatrick speaking at the Adelaide launch

Anne Fitzpatrick speaking at the Adelaide launch of Cycle of Learning

In 2001, Adelaide-born backpacker decided to take a break from the roads of deepest Asia and volunteer at an education initiative in the Kodaikanal Hills of southern India. Returning home, she undertook to raise funds to help that region’s disadvantaged people by cycling around Australia, addressing schools and community groups and raising awareness. This book chronicles that ride, from February, 2005 to June, 2006. Each chapter gives distance and time travelled and money donated, and there is rarely an idle moment, but plenty of good cheer. The gutsy author’s commitment hasn’t ended with the book, with 40 per cent of her royalties to go to aid projects.
— The Weekend Australian, 30 May 2015

April and May were indeed rarely idle for Anne, with book events in Adelaide (above and below), Albury and Melbourne, school visits and radio interviews to promote the Cycle of Learning project.

Anne signing books
Anne signing books at the Adelaide launch of Cycle of Learning

New releases

The Orchid NurseryThe Orchid Nursery

by Louise Katz

Mica and Pearl are Thirteens: ‘girlies’ who have come of age and may beseech to become Perfect womanidols in the Orchid Nursery. When Pearl goes missing, Mica hopes she has been chosen but suspects she has absconded. Determined to find Pearl, Mica enters a frightening physical and moral terrain where insurgents and outcasts are still fighting a strategic war against the clerical dictatorship.

“With more than a casual nod in the direction of Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale, The Orchid Nursery is a chilling tale of a dystopian future in which the concept of form following function and perceptions of female purity are literally and destructively intertwined. The novel is an examination of culture disintegrated through the abandonment of critical thinking and the embrace and exaltation of ignorance. When meshed with terrorism and environmental catastrophe, what emerges is a toxic cultural wasteland, a putrid blend of anti-intellectualism, dogma, fear and tribalism, the glorification of the emotional and irrational.
 Check out recent news reports coming out of America and the Middle East before telling me such things could never happen in our lifetime.” — Cat Sparks

Publishing September 2015
Paperback (ISBN 9781922198204) and Ebook (ISBN 9781922198211)

More information

Cycle of LearningCycle of Learning

by Anne Fitzpatrick

“I crashed to the ground, landing sandwiched between the bitumen and the bike I was somehow expecting to ride solo and unsupported around Australia. I couldn’t even ride it to work without embedding bitumen into my knees and grating strips of skin from my forearms. What was I thinking?”

Cycle of Learning is the story of Anne Fitzpatrick's epic solo bicycle ride around Australia and the people she met — at Australian schools and community groups where she arranged to speak, among the fellow cyclists she found on the road, and the family, friends and total strangers who assisted her. It is also the story of the people in India involved in the education program for which she was raising funds, as children when she first met them and as young adults when she returns nearly ten years later.

Published 18 March 2015
Paperback (ISBN 9781922198181) and Ebook (ISBN 9781922198198)

More information

40% of royalties earned on all sales of this book will be donated to community development projects.

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