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  • Reviews of Cokcraco:
    "an impressive novel"
    "an enjoyable read ... this story will appeal to a wide readership"
    "brilliantly entertaining"

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Author news and events

Save the date - Gleebooks event 19 June

Author Ian BedfordIan Bedford, author of the forthcoming title The Last Candles of the Night, will be the focus of a literary event being held at Gleebooks, Glebe NSW, on Thursday 19 June 2014. Speakers and details are still being confirmed, but it looks to be an exciting evening so make a note in your diaries.

Natasha Ewendt a "must read" horror author

Author Natasha EwendtNatasha Ewendt, author of This Freshest Hell, featured in the select list of "92 horror authors you need to read right now" as part of the's Women in Horror Month (February).

Read more here:

Meet Anne Fitzpatrick

Anne Fitzpatrick is an Albury-based writer, born in Adelaide. She lives to travel and loves martial arts and cycling – even better when any of these are combined. She has made her way around much of Asia but her heart belongs to India and Sri Lanka, where she can eat as much dosa with coconut chutney as she likes while confusing people with her attempts to speak the Tamil language. Anne has ridden bicycles and worked as a teacher in Adelaide, Darwin, Kalgoorlie, Leigh Creek and also Kagoshima, Japan. Anne currently works in international development.

Anne's book Cycle of Learning will be published in November 2014.

New titles

Out now

Book cover image displaying the text: Annie Warwick presents The Amours & Alarums of Eliza MacLean or, Some Have Drama Thrust Upon Them

The Amours & Alarums of Eliza MacLean
by Annie Warwick

Victoria Eliza Annie MacLean can’t escape actors. Her father Richard, who raised her in a bohemian and somewhat morally negligent household, is a famous actor. Her childhood playmate and “prince” Billy is inspired and encouraged by Richard to pursue his dream of acting. All the men she is seriously attracted to turn out to be actors – and not just in their professional lives.

With so much drama in her life, Eliza is determined to be normal and – like many people from dysfunctional families – become a psychologist, despite her faerie looks and her penchant for playing bluegrass fiddle. Indeed, Eliza’s life is anything but normal.

Annie Warwick, as the witty and humorous Omniscient Narrator, entertains us, with sex and romance, strange coincidences, dramatic action sequences and bloody violence in this modern-day melodrama.

Out now in paperback and ebook:

Book cover image displaying the text: Ian Bedford, The Last Candles of the Night

The Last Candles of the Night
by Ian Bedford

After a lifetime in India, Philip returns to Australia in 2001 – the year of 'Tampa' – seeking to re-establish links with his estranged wife Jenny, whom he had brought from India fifty years earlier, and with his grandson. Displaced and disappointed in his hopes of resuming a career in his own country, Philip is visited by a ghost: Ragini, the young revolutionary he fell in love with in 1948.

Philip is troubled by his unsorted memories of those times. In 1948 India has achieved its independence but the princely state of Hyderabad – the Nizam's Dominions – with its feudal splendours and deep pockets of rural poverty and injustice, totters alone, unwilling to accede to India, fighting Communist insurrection within. Philip, 'the world's youngest headmaster', has been appointed from Australia to a one-teacher school in the distant town of Warangal, a post no Hindu will take. He meets Anand, a Congress Party member working to bring Hyderabad into the Indian Union, and Ragini, the daughter of a landlord and a Communist, who has given away the family lands. A love triangle develops as events sweep them up – events that will return to life and take their toll half a century later.

The Last Candles of the Night is a lyrical and moving tale of the pitfalls of memory and the costs of deep allegiance.

Publishing May/June 2014:  

Distribution update

We are still talking to a number of distributors about marketing and supply of our books to Australian retailers.
In the meantime, all print orders in Australia should be sent directly to us for fulfilment.

Reviews — what readers and critics are saying about our books

by Paul Williams

“Brilliantly entertaining.” 
Emma on

Cokcraco is so flooded with satire and subversion, it is really difficult to know where to start. It feels like a novel that is in constant tension with itself, always trying to find a way to reconcile its experimental nature with its adherence to generic narrative structure. In straining under the weight of its own ambitious ideas, some of its flaws become more obvious, but ironically these flaws serve to reinforce just how excellent this novel becomes when it successfully balances its internal tension. 
     …  [T]his is an impressive novel, which I have no hesitations in recommending.”
Ben Eldridge on

Cokcraco … is a clever and playful novel that resurrects Kafka's motif of the cockroach. … The cockroach is used to expose the gap between seemingly antithetical standpoints: creator and critic, colonised and coloniser, perception and reality. The innovation of this work resides not only in the multiplicity of the voices presented but also the structure of the novel.
      … Williams' novel is at once a second person narrative, an epistolary fiction, a literary dissertation (complete with footnotes and a list of references) and a postmodern treatise exposing false binaries. Each chapter begins with an encyclopaedic entry chronicling a specific type of cockroach, revealing their characteristics and pervasiveness. These entries serve as a frame for the chapter, mirroring the difficulty of reversing preconceived perspective and stereotypes. The satirical use of the travel guide aptly named Crowded Planet positions Timothy as the 'foreign other' attempting to navigate the South African space. Timothy's reliance on this information creates comical scenes of misinterpretation … While the mystery of Sizwe Bantu's identity is the main storyline of the book, the multi-layered approach introduces key sub-plots that are intriguing. I was particularly enthralled with Timothy's past relationship with 'M', evoked through a smattering of unsent letters. …
     These elements, coupled with the inter-textual allusions to various African writers and Williams' stylistic decisions, serve to make the novel enjoyable to read. As a multi-vocal epistolary novel, this story will appeal to a wide readership: those interested in a particularly well-crafted post-modern story of discovery as well as those 'kritiks' who enjoy unpacking the significance in the portrayal of the constructed self.” 
Gina Brock, Social Alternatives 32.4 (2013) 52
Bold, original writing that excites, entertains and informs new ways of thinking.

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