Updates on our books, authors and events for December 2013:
  • Holiday greetings
  • Sneak peek: 2014 titles
  • Distribution update
  • Author events
  • Reviews

Season's greetings


Warm wishes for the holiday season

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our supporters, authors, customers and suppliers. Thank you for your support in what has been a tough but rewarding year. We've certainly accomplished more than we expected to in our first year of publishing, and we are very excited about the books we have coming for next year.

2014 titles

Fiction: early 2014

Cokcraco by Paul Williams

The Amours & Alarums of Eliza MacLean
by Annie Warwick

Annie Warwick, as the witty and humorous Omniscient Narrator, entertains us, with sex and romance, strange coincidences, dramatic action sequences and bloody violence in this modern-day melodrama.

Fiction: mid 2014

Last Candles of the Night
by Ian Bedford

Hyderabad 1948: a love triangle develops between Phillip, an Australian teacher, Anand, an Indian nationalist, and Ragini, a landlord's daughter and Communist revolutionary. The events that overtake them come alive and take their toll half a century later in Sydney 2001. A lyrical, evocative and moving tale of the pitfalls of memory and the costs of deep allegiance.

Non-fiction: late 2014
Cycle of Learning
by Anne Fitzpatrick

Anne was determined to bicycle around Australia to raise funds for an NGO school program in rural India, despite the fact she couldn’t ride a bike and had no experience of fundraising. A highly readable, funny and lighthearted travel narrative about the people Anne meets on and off the road, interspersed with vignettes about the children of Kodaikanal. 

Distribution update

Amazon Kindle

We have recently signed on to the Amazon Kindle program, make our ebooks even more widely available.  

Australian print distribution

We are negotiating with a new distributor for marketing and supply to Australian retailers, both physical and online, and will keep you informed when arrangements are in place. In the meantime, all print orders should be sent directly to us for fulfilment.

Author news and events

We are still finalising events for next year but here are some pics from Natasha Ewendt's This Freshest Hell Halloween event at the Port Lincoln Library, which was a great success.

Author Natasha Ewendt and library manager Louise Mrdjen.

Authors Natasha Ewendt, Diane Hester and Mary Gudzenovs.

Reviews — what readers are saying about our books

by Paul Williams

“What a fascinating read! The author deftly weaves, with the many voices of his cast of protagonists, a mysterious, darkly humourous thriller. His ironical insights about South Africa are not to be missed. Couldn't put the book down until it put me down and spat me out!”
Carol Liknaitzy on Amazon

“Cokcraco is a brilliantly witty mystery set in South Africa. Naive Australian academic Timothy Turner sets off on a quest to find the mysterious African writer (the Greatest African Writer of All Times) Sizwe Bantu, who has never been seen in person, but whose works have attracted a cult following, especially his world-famous 'cockroach stories.' His stunning works (Bantu's that is) pepper the novel throughout, so that the reader is lead on a multi-layered literary journey which is at once serious and playful, and which invites us to contemplate the nature of creativity and inspiration. This is a novel to be read again and again...and again.”

“booklover” on Amazon

This Freshest Hell
by Natasha Ewendt

“When I read the first few pages I knew I could settle seriously into an entertaining read. The characters are strong and the portrayal of life in the eyes of two rebellious girls is spot on. Both characters push the boundaries throughout so there is never a dull moment, punchy, gutsy, thought provoking with some brilliant insights all topped off with an unexpected twist. Loved it.”

Annette Bailey on Amazon

“Whew! Natasha's book captured me in the first few pages, fast paced, edgy dialogue with characters I really related to. I needed to know more, and couldn't put this book down. I loved the brutal honesty and willingly followed her down the dark places she took me to. Bravo on an excellent first novel and can't wait to read more!”

Michelle Cass on Amazon

Bold, original writing that excites, entertains and informs new ways of thinking.

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