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Susan Franklin PsyD
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I'm sure you are all beginning to feel the seasonal changes. It is amazing the subtle changes in light and the feeling of the sun and the hints of color in the trees. It is beautiful and many of us feel a little sadness about the waning of Summer.

I wanted to share some thoughts with you about food as we look toward the holiday season. I have started a weekly meditation hour that includes mindful eating. Mindful eating? What in the world does that mean? Mindfulness is about meditation, right? What does it have to do with food and eating? Mindfulness is a popular catch-phrase these days but what does it mean?

Mindfulness is about attentiveness and awareness. It is about holding that awareness without judgment. This usually is the tricky part. Follow your mind and experience for a few moments right now. You quickly realize that practically everything is met with a judgment of good or bad, too much or too little, should or shouldn’t be happening, want/don’t want. The first thought hooks you and takes you on a fantasy ride to the past or future. Your mind wants to be anywhere but here. When we really notice, everything we experience is merely the specific facts of our experience. They are neutral experiences. It is what it is with no good or bad. We become free when we really experience this. It is an aspiration. Something we get moments of and keep practicing over a lifetime to build the muscle.

Eating is something we must all do and rarely are we fully aware when we do it because we are hurried, planning, talking, texting, reading, surfing the Internet, driving, watching TV or a myriad of other activities. We typically eat mindlessly while we fantasize our lives away.


Blessings & Possibilities,


Step into the Flow of Being

Sept 20th 9am to 5pm
Moonsong Farm, Arlington, WA

 This will be a day of exploring the landscape of our inner & outer worlds. Intuitive & Energy exercises, experiences with healing horses, and interactions with the natural world will help you reconnect with the flow of your breath and life. The experiences will help you relax the barriers to your flowing connection with all that exists. This will be a less structured workshop and will be flexible based on individual participants and what arises during the day. 
Info & registration at Groundwater Wellness.
Information about my co-facilitator, Liz Phillipson, and her work at Moonsong Farm.

Mindful Lunch & Meditation

Tuesdays 12noon to 1pm
Don't worry about being late or leaving early - just come!
Harborview Wellness Center conference room

BRING YOUR LUNCH and join me to learn about mindfulness meditation and applying mindfulness to everyday activities like eating. Life is in the details which we miss unless we are very present to our experience in the moment. Join me every Tuesday for a mini-break to recharge yourself and to really taste the pleasures of life. No meditation experience needed.

Info & directions at Groundwater Wellness.

Are you Highly Sensitive? Activate Your Intuition & Self-Care

Sept 28th 12noon - 4pm
Harborview Wellness conference room

Join me and Phoebe Patten, in an experiential class to gain more confidence and to become more joyful and present in your life. If you are a highly sensitive person (empath) you naturally pick up what others are feeling. You may become indecisive or confused because it’s hard for you to distinguish between what you and others are feeling. Sometimes you may just know personal things about people. This class will help you to access your authentic voice and to amp up speaking your own truth. Read more...

Occupy Cancer: A Radical New View

Oct 23rd 6:30 - 8pm
Harborview Wellness Center conference room

What if there were a whole new way to view the cancer experience that wasn't about fear, death, loss, and fighting? Well, there is! From this perspecitive you can tap into your strengths, love, peace, and many levels of healing.

Antoine Saint-Exupery wrote, "A rock pile ceases to be a rock pile the moment a single man contemplates it, bearing within him the image of a cathedral."

Occupy Cancer is about building cathedrals!

2 free copies of Marie Manuchehri's book "Intuitive Self-Healing" will be given away during the class.

Intro to Energy Medicine & Self-Healing

Nov 23rd 12noon to 4pm
Harborview Wellness Center conference room

 When energy becomes stagnant or blocked we develop physical, emotional, and spiritual symptoms. Subtle energy healing methods have been part of every culture throughout human history. Modern medical advances are mind-blowing and they are often not enough for full healing and wellness. In fact, the “placebo effect” is your body’s self-healing energy at its magical best. Most exciting - you can learn to use it for your own body! This 4-hour experiential workshop gives you self-healing tools from Eden Energy Medicine, Reiki, and Marie Manuchehri’s energy intuitive work.

2 copies of Marie Manuchehri’s book “Intuitive Self-Healing” will be given away during the workshop.

Info and registration at Groundwater Wellness.

Make Your Pain Your Propeller, Not Your Anchor

Dec 13th 12 to 4pm 
Harborview Wellness Center conference room

This 4-hr. experiential workshop focuses on story-telling/rewriting, cultivating mindful presence, and tuning into your resilient healing energy systems (chakras) to transform your pain from a life-stalling anchor into a magnificent propeller for your life. Read more...
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