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Holding members’ and board meetings online

You may be thinking about how to avoid in-person meetings in a time of social distancing. If you are incorporated under Ontario’s Corporations Act (OCA) you may hold members’ meetings online provided your bylaws do not say you cannot do that.

If your bylaws do prohibit online meetings, then you can change that bylaw at a board meeting or by a unanimous written resolution of the directors. The bylaw allowing online members'' meetings must be confirmed at the next possible members’ meeting or else it ceases to be effective.

If you have a bylaw that prohibits online meetings, you can change that bylaw at a board meeting or by a unanimous written resolution of the directors. You have to confirm the new bylaw at the next possible members’ meeting. If you don’t do this, the bylaw stops being in effect.

But even if your bylaws stop you from making changes to allow online meetings, you can hold online meetings for now. The government has given directors the power to hold online meetings temporarily, until the COVID-19 emergency is over. This is part of changes they made to the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act.

So, if you are incorporated under OCA and want to avoid in-person board meetings, you can:

  • hold online board meetings, as long as all directors can communicate with one another at the same time, which means simultaneously and instantaneously
  • pass written resolutions instead of meeting, as long as all directors support each written resolution

To learn more about members’ and board meetings visit our website.

Changing your bylaws before ONCA takes effect

The government continues to work to bring Ontario’s Not-for-Profit Corporations Act (ONCA) into force. The target is no longer early 2020, but we do not know when ONCA will take effect. Most organizations should not make changes to comply with ONCA yet, as certain rules have not been published.

If your organization is interested in making changes to your bylaws either to bring them closer to ONCA or for reasons other than ONCA, our website now has a page to help you make sure your bylaws comply with the current law.


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