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MCS estimates ONCA won't be in force before 2016

The Ministry of Consumer Services has updated its website to confirm that Ontario's Not-For-Profit Corporations Act, 2010 (ONCA) is not expected to take effect before 2016. Organizations will still have three years after the ONCA comes into force to adjust their governance documents. 

You can plan ahead or see how to prepare for the ONCA: CLEO's ONCA resources at a glance.

Seeking francophone users

CLEO's ONCA website and resources will soon be available in French.

We are looking for three or four francophone volunteers who are familiar with francophone nonprofit organizations in Ontario to serve as an informal users' group as we develop and test the French side of our site.  

This would involve responding to questions or commenting on resources via email for the next two to three months.  It will take no more than one hour of your time a month and would help us respond to the needs of francophones in Ontario.

Please forward this opportunity to potential volunteers or email if you are willing to help. 

Our thanks to the Ministry of Consumer Services for the additional support to make the French resources available.

About Get Ready for the ONCA

Get Ready for the ONCA is a CLEO project that supports nonprofit organizations as they prepare for the ONCA. CLEO produces clear, accurate, and practical legal information to help people understand and exercise their legal rights. Get Ready for the ONCA will:
  • share existing resources about the ONCA
  • produce helpful new tools and checklists
  • develop webinars and other educational events
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