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The f. & co team took C2MTL by storm , sporting red shoes, meeting people from around the world and taking notes with them, writing daily recaps and facilitating the Tata Communications Design Challenge. The next morning, we were at Busbud for a CreativeMornings talk by Daniel Baylis on Freedom. And then on a sunny Saturday, we held a co-creation day on the topic of snow removal in the smart city! Talk about a creative week!

C2MTL: Why, what & how?

On being here: f. & co at C2MTL
Why would a small firm specializing in creativity want to spend time, money and efforts hacking C2MTL?
What exactly are we celebrating at C2MTL? by Dominique Bel
What exactly are we celebrating at C2MTL?
With ocean levels, type 2 diabetes and inequality on the rise, what are we going to celebrate, exactly?
Guerilla Everything
Guerilla Everything
This is probably as close as we ever got to writing a manifesto. "If you never step out of the path, how do you ever find new ways?"

C2MTL: Day by day

The power of change
The power of change
C2MTL 2014, day 1
Change is not just about creating new ideas, but destroying old ones also. Who's challenging yours?
Reaching new horizons through openness
Reaching new horizons through openness
C2MTL 2014, day 2
Openness is presented as a potent source of creativity. But what does it entail?
Creativity, big dreams, emotions and concrete action
Creativity, big dreams, emotions, concrete action
C2MTL 2014, day 3
Dreams and emotions are powerful drivers of creativity. Can they be harnessed?

f. & co @ C2MTL > notetaking between genius & insanity
Collaborative notetaking platform for C2MTL
Verbatim, key takeaways and best tweets for every conference at C2MTL

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Humans of C2MTL
C2MTL is about commerce+ creativity
It's about Montréal and ideas. but it's also about people coming together.

Also read: Here's to the humans of C2, by Sarah Mackenzie & Roxanne Hamel
Résoudre une problématique commune par la collaboration des participants à C2MTL
BMC2: modèle d'affaires
Business model canvas en mode collaboratif

Résoudre une problématique commune par la collaboration des participants à C2MTL, par Vincent Marceau

à la une

Repenser intelligemment le déneigement à Montréal (>)
Smart ways to rethink snow removal in Montreal (>)

Quinze designers montréalais repensent l'avenir de la collaboration (>)
Fifteen Montreal designers rethink the future of collaboration (>)

Prise d'assaut de C2MTL (>)
f. & co takes over C2MTL (>)
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