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Choosing a New Perspective

A few weeks ago, I had an appointment in Boston. I got in my car at 7:15 am for an 8:15 am meeting, knowing I had about double the time that Google Maps estimated it would take. I merged onto the Mass Pike, coasted along for a mile, at which point all four lanes of traffic came to a complete halt. And stayed that way for 45 minutes.

Perspective is a common topic in my coaching sessions with clients. When the world is swirling chaotically and unpredictably around us, how we mentally approach it remains one thing that is still in our control. Yet, we often forget that, as certain other perspectives can be powerfully persuasive, trying to convince us that they are the only way to see a situation. The truth is that there are always many perspectives we can take, and each one leads us to a different set of thoughts and actions.

Recognizing and naming various perspectives is a muscle I help my clients build, to empower them to have new ways to think and feel about life. Although life's stressors are going to keep coming at us, we get to decide how we handle, navigate, and make sense of them.

That morning on the highway, I mentally cycled through a variety of perspectives. I started in Reassured Perspective, initially feeling comforted that I had left with plenty of time. This soon turned to Anxiety Perspective, when I realized I wasn't going to be at my destination at 8:15. Seeing it as an opportunity to remember what's in and not in my control, I moved into C'est La Vie Perspective and tried to distract myself. When this didn't work as well as I hoped, I tried Phone-a-Friend Perspective, leaving messages with a few close friends who I thought might be awake. When one immediately called me back, I happily entered Distraction Perspective. And when the line of cars started moving again, I was definitely in Gratitude Perspective

As you think about the different aspects of your life, what perspective are you in? I invite you to name your perspective and define it for yourself. This helps our thinking for two reasons: first, labeling how we feel activates the part of our brain (the prefrontal cortex) that does our higher-level thinking. Second, naming an empowering perspective allows us to later recall it so that we can consciously choose this way of thinking again when needed.

During the next few days, especially, I invite you to be intentional about your perspective. And, as always, please add in some self-care.

Take care and please reach out if I can be helpful,


p.s. A new podcast episode of In the Right Direction is available! Listen in to learn my two favorite questions for navigating stress effectively and how to get a new perspective about your ability to handle the stressors in your life. And stay tuned for next week's bonus interview episode with Full Span Coaching founder Barb Karosec, who uses horses in her leadership coaching.


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