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What's it time for you to update?

When's the last time you updated your resume? Your LinkedIn profile? If it's been a while, it's likely time for a refresh. Many of us update our materials only when we get promoted or are looking for a new job. I have some clients who tell me they haven't updated their resume in decades, because they didn't need to.

Here's the thing: periodically taking the time to update and refresh our resume, LinkedIn, elevator pitch, website, and other leadership identities helps our thinking stays fresh. It's an opportunity to dust off old ideas and re-energize and invigorate our roles, our leadership, and our career. Taking time to review and refresh helps avoid staying on autopilot. It forces us to get clear about who we are now, what we offer, and what we want.

A client shared recently that she was frustrated with her supervisor, as he's had the same mentality for decades. She complained that he hasn't updated his thinking about current issues. His vocabulary and world view are outdated, and that's causing problems.

What ideas about your professional profile and career do you need to update?

To avoid becoming complacent, we can bring those innovative abilities we naturally use at work to think about our career, our trajectory, and our brand.

What would it be like if you periodically brought this innovative and fresh perspective to your networking or elevator pitch? What bold action would you take? Maybe you'd reach out to someone you admire, start a podcast, or tell a different story about your professional journey.

Refreshing is on my mind these days, because after a number of years of having the same website, I realized that it was time for an update. While my old website was fine, when I stopped to really look at it, to consider the images and the phrasing, I saw the opportunity to reimagine and reconsider how I describe what I do and whom I work with. I'm taking new photos (see a behind-the-scenes photo from a recent photo session below!) to breathe fresh life into the site. And, although it occasionally feels daunting, I'm excited for new energy, new colors (perhaps?), and a new feel. Stay tuned...

If you, too, are ready for a refresh, here are 3 easy action steps you can take to update your professional materials:

1. Add key words to your LinkedIn profile. What key words and phrases are missing from the About section? What new descriptors do you want under your name?

2. Update your resume's Professional Profile section. Make sure it reflects the main ideas you really want people to know about you and your background.

3. Bring creativity to your elevator pitch. Come up with a new way to describe yourself that makes the listener get curious and ask for more.

Have fun! If I can be helpful in any way, please use the button below to book time for a complimentary consult.

Here's to a refreshed you!


p.s. Tune in to today's new podcast episode of In the Right Direction in which I talk about how our brain makes up stories all the time and what we can do to recognize and reframe our assumptions. Enjoy!

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