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What makes you laugh?

Here's one of my funniest memories: Years ago, we were attending services with my parents. My baby was getting antsy, and so Grandma hands over her pocketbook for Baby to explore. Baby digs around inside and then starts extracting a length of toilet paper, like one of those never-ending scarves that magicians pull out of their sleeves. Grandma looks mortified, the neighbors look puzzled, Baby chortles with glee, and I burst out laughing.

What's your funniest memory? 

These days, it might seem like there's not too much to laugh about. COVID-19, the economy, job pressures, the environment -- it can feel heavy, dire, and overwhelming.

And, yet, laughter might be just what we need -- especially now -- to help our bodies and brains. Research shows that laughter can help our brain to feel happier, less depressed, and less anxious. Laughter can also help our bodies be healthier by reducing physical symptoms of stress, stimulating the heart and lungs, and increasing the endorphins released by our brain. 

To give your body and brain another way to stay healthy, consider formally adding laughter to your self-care regimen. So how do you do that? Here are a few of my suggestions. I'd love to hear yours.

1. Involve your team and get creative. One team I worked with is going to share a joke at the beginning of each upcoming monthly meeting; another client is creatively planning a fun event with hers. They'll be hosting their own Academy Awards ceremony, with categories like longest hair. They have an MC and are even planning a musical number.

2. Enjoy some funny videos -- here's one about when flight attendants work from home that made me laugh.

3. Lastly, give yourself permission to find the humor in life. When others are suffering, it can feel disrespectful to joke around. When appropriate, try giving yourself and others around you permission to see the lighter side of life from time to time.

The good news is that now you know how laughter can boost your health. You get to spread the word and help others feel happier and less worried.

As we enter month 5 of the pandemic, I wish you continued health, the ability to set boundaries, and moments of levity.

Take care,


p.s. Episode 3 of my podcast In the Right Direction is being released today! Listen in to this episode about how to use the tool of gratitude to de-stress and have immediate peace of mind.


Topic: Creating and Using Powerful Questions
When: Tuesday, August 18, from 5-5:45 pm EDT

Asking the right type of questions makes solving problems exponentially easier. As you think through whatever is on your mind, knowing the type of questions to ask yourself and others will give you clarity, confidence, and focus. In this 45-minute workshop, we'll explore Powerful Questions, what makes them powerful, how to craft them, and how to use them with your colleagues. We'll even practice a strategy called Q-Storming!
This workshop is free, although pre-registration is required.


"What's in My Control?" Team Workshops

For teams and organizations looking for ways to help people feel re-engaged and empowered: This 1-hour workshop guides groups through a personalized activity to understand what's in and not in their control, so that they can choose baby steps to take to help them feel happier and more productive. Each workshop is personalized to address the team's situation. Contact me for more information.

On-Demand, Single Coaching Sessions

For former clients, for those times you need a quick boost of clarity, confidence, or inspiration. Whether you are processing a difficult conversation; feeling like you need a plan for today; or just wanting to feel re-energized -- let's coach! 

What: 50-minute coaching session, by phone or Zoom
When: Choose your time! Use this scheduling link
How: Payment per session via Venmo, Zelle, or Apple Pay

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