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Happy New Year!

I hope you celebrated the end of 2019 with fun and loved ones. And I wish you all a wonderful 2020. May it be full of peace, fulfillment, laughter, and good health -- and knowing that you are intentionally creating your professional and personal life in alignment with your values and purpose. 

What are you looking forward to this year?
How will you grow?
What will you try?

Last January, I shared a poem for inspiration and thought I'd continue this new tradition. When I read it, two phrases jump out at me: "forgive yourself" and "all you must grow to be." I'd love to hear what words speak to you. 

The Head of the Year
By Marge Piercy

The moon is dark tonight, a new
moon for a new year. It is
hollow and hungers to be full.
It is the black zero of beginning.

Now you must void yourself
of injuries, insults, incursions.
Go with empty hands to those
you have hurt and make amends.

It is not too late. It is early
and about to grow. Now
is the time to do what you
know you must and have feared
to begin. Your face is dark
too as you turn inward to face
yourself, the hidden twin of
all you must grow to be.

Forgive the dead year. Forgive
yourself. What will be wants
to push through your fingers.
The light you seek hides
in your belly. The light you
crave longs to stream from
your eyes. You are the moon
that will wax in new goodness.


Here's to the light in you,

Please Join Me!

Exciting plans for 2020 are in the works! More info to follow...

In the meantime, here's one of my favorite start-of-the-year activities for you. It's a free booklet from YearCompass that you can download and complete to reflect on 2019 and gather your thoughts and intentions for 2020. If you complete it, please share what one of your words are for 2020. One of my words is synchronicity.

Are you ready to transform your leadership?

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