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Who else feels like they're not accomplishing enough?

It doesn't make sense -- I'm home all day, with lots of hours to tackle my to-do why don't I feel like I've accomplished enough by the end of the day? After all, there are so many things I have not done, like listening to those on-line classes, writing that article, or meditating. Where did the day go?

I hear from many of my clients and friends that they feel the same way. It's a strange phenomenon -- each day seems the same, and yet here we are in May. Where did the time go and what do I have to show for it?

Rationally, I know that I'm actually accomplishing a lot during the day -- although these are things I do not usually give myself credit for: like making sure my teenager gets outside daily for some fresh air and taking time to connect with loved ones more.

New routines, new technologies, and new expectations call for a new mindset. Here are 3 things I have decided to do to help me feel more empowered and productive during this time:

1. Focus on the positive. Instead of listing all the things I have not done, I will give myself credit for what I have accomplished. Learned how use Calendly so people can book on-line appointments? Check. Asked my child about "school"? Yup. Picked out the music intro for my new, upcoming podcast? That was fun. Ordered a delivery of ice cream? You bet.

2. Set better boundaries. For the next week, I will make a plan to close the door to my office after dinner so I'm less likely to go in there and work.

3. Give myself permission. Permission is one of the most powerful concepts I introduce to clients. As adults (who often have high standards), we don't usually give ourselves permission to relax, give our brains down time, or remember that "done is better than perfect."

Following these guidelines, I hope to get to the end of the day feeling a bit more proud and productive this month.

I am thinking of you and hoping you and your loved ones are healthy. I'd love to see you virtually on May 14, for the free call I'm hosting on purpose.

Here's the artwork for my new podcast, launching next month! My podcast is like my coaching -- right to the point, full of useful tips, and encouraging you to keep moving forward, one baby step at a time

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FREE -- May 14: What's My Purpose Anyway?
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May 12: Introducing Yourself or Your Business in 30 Seconds (or less)
Time: 7:30 - 9 pm Eastern Time
This previously in-person class is now virtual, so all are welcome to register!
Register and sign up through Newton Community Education

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