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Everyday Mindfulness

Recently, a number of my clients have shared that they want to start or re-start mindfulness practices. They know that these practices have helped them feel more balanced and less stressed in the past, and, now, due to current pressures and overwhelm, they feel the need to bring more calm and clarity back into their current lives. Maybe you can relate?

Good news! I have just the book for you!  Mindfulness on the Go by Anna Black can help you bring mindfulness, (defined as "deliberately paying attention to your experience as it unfolds, without judging it"), into your life in easy-to-accomplish ways.

I love the book's simple, clear language and focused, actionable steps for building your mindfulness and awareness of your thoughts, feelings, body sensations, and surroundings.

Here are three on-the-go activities from the book that you might want to try:

1. Have a "Try Something Different" Day -- Intentionally recognizing our choices and making new choices can help us increase our awareness of our surroundings and awaken curiosity and possibility.
Try this: One day, choose to change five things in your daily routine. For example, try a different route, eat at a different time, talk to a new person, or wear a different haircut or type of clothing.
Notice: What's that like? What did you discover?

2. Take a Brief "Social Media Detox" -- For many of us, our social media controls us, rather than the other way around. I likely don't have to tell you why that might not be helpful.
Try this: Take 30 minutes, one hour, or even a day to take a break from your usual social media habits. Instead, get outside, or spend time with a good book, family member, or friend.
Notice: How hard was that? When you turned off social media, what did you make space for?

3. "Stop on Red" and Breathe -- Many of us (myself included!) could benefit from breathing deeply more often. Here's a way to pair deep breathing with a common visual cue.
Try this: For one day, whenever you see something red (like a stop sign, red light, or red car) deliberately exhale and let all the air out of your lungs. Then take a few slow, deep breaths.
Notice: How does that feel? What else loosens up when you breathe deeply?

This October, I invite you to pause, notice, and stay present.
Let me know what you try!


Please Join Me!

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In November, I'll be traveling to Phoenix for Linkage's Women In Leadership Institute to be on their faculty as a Learning Team Leader. If you are a woman leader and looking for an amazing conference this fall to grow your leadership, connect with other women leaders from around the globe, and get re-energized, I invite you to join me in Phoenix.

For more information about this conference, or if you or your company is planning a leadership retreat and wanting me to lead a neuroscience training focusing on effective team leadership, please contact me.

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