EPL Focuses on Ocular Pathology
The eye and the ocular adnexa are common target organs in toxicology studies, but the appropriate evaluation of ocular tissues is a specialized endeavor.  Compared to routine toxicity studies, ocular toxicity studies require methodological modifications at almost every stage from study design to the final pathology report.

For example, at necropsy, the fragile nature of many ocular tissues requires particularly careful handling, very rapid exenteration, and specialized fixatives such as modified Davidson’s solution.  The left and right eyes and their adnexa should be identified and stored in separate labeled containers.  The globes should be marked (with sutures, indelible ink, etc.) in such a manner that the superior-inferior and nasal-temporal aspects remain identifiable.  

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EPL Employee Highlight  Dr. Margarita Gruebbel, Senior Pathologist

Dr. Gruebbel is a study pathologist for acute and chronic GLP studies (rats, mice, dogs, rabbits, NHP, and other species) for EPL's commercial clients ranging from large pharmaceutical companies to small biotechnology firms. Her focus is in ophthalmic pathology studies along with ...  Bio

Profiled Team

Dr. Jerry F. Hardisty    
DVM, Diplomate ACVP, Fellow IATP  
CEO / President / Senior Pathologist 
Dr. Margarita Gruebbel    
Senior Pathologist     
Dr. John Curtis Seely  
Senior Pathologist 
Dr. Cynthia Shackelford
Senior Pathologist

Dr. Kathleen Funk    
Manager, Virginia Laboratory Operations / 
Senior Pathologist 

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