Aromatic oils to help you feel good - Warm Bamboo massage to roll away the tension - Weekend treatments
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Top to Toe Treatments February Newsletter

Warm Bamboo massage

Using smooth and heated bamboo sticks of various lengths and diameters this massage aims to work on a deep level to release tension through rolling and kneading movements. The bamboo acts as extensions of my forearms and hands to provide a holistic massage. Utilising heat in a massage greatly aids the restorative and healing nature of your treatment. Hot stone and bamboo massage can also be experienced together.  Why not try this massage this month and in March for the promotional price of £45 for a 75 minute massage. Contact me for more details.

Enjoy the benefits of wood oils in this damp weather.

I have been inspired by a recent trip to the Middle East to use more wood oils at this time of year. Not only do the aromas of Oud (Agarwood), Sandalwood, Cedar wood and Frankincense take me straight back to the souks and warmer climates, but they are also great for our immunity, particularly our respiratory system,  also for dry skins that could be made worse by the harsh weather or central heating. Try using wood essential oils in your oil burners, bath oils or in a steam. 

Neal's Yard Facials - a great way to melt tension away.

This is a great time of year to treat your skin. A facial is a wonderfully restorative treatment, it is often associated with beauty treatments, but with a facial your face, scalp, neck, shoulders, arms and hands are also massaged with different natural oils and creams to suit your skin type. This means that not only is your skin benefitting but headaches, health of your scalp and hair. eye strain, jaw, neck and shoulder tension, possible RSI in elbows, wrists and hands can also be treated. Facials can be experienced for an hour, 30 minutes or as part of your massage or reflexology treatment. Contact me directly for more information.

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