Newsletter of the Unrepentant Nerd (near) Monthly - May 2015
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Wireless Adventures - All The Thrills With No Strings Attached!
All the Thrills With No Strings Attached!
Vol. 1, No. 2 May 2015

The Nerdletter (near) Monthly For May 2015

Yes, I quite realize that it's been several months between newsletters -- thank you!

Do you like the new header? Oh, there's a story behind that, to be sure. More later. Meanwhile, in celebration of the release of Dirty Magick: New Orleans this month, you’ll get to listen to Jack Dupre's first adventure absolutely free each Friday between now and Balticon. Three brand new episodes!

The first episode, "The Body,"  drops Friday, May 8th. Jack discovers his best friend is dead and begins unraveling the mysterious circumstances surrounding his murder! It's all very spine tingly.

You can hop out to Podhoster early and subscribe. The feed was empty when this newsletter was written, but it did show up in my podcatcher. Alternatively, you can listen to it at beginning Friday.

I couldn’t have done this with the help of some great actors! Blythe Haynes ("Kathleen O'Connell") and Judith Engel ("GrandMama") hail from the Great White North. Every time I have spoken with them I hear "Fly By Night" in the background. I'm sure that says more about me than them. They are magnificent!

If you listen to any speculative fiction podcasts, chances are very good that you've heard Laura Nicole ("Matilda Night") already. The last full cast work I heard her in was Hidden Harbor Mysteries. I consider myself fortunate to have her in the cast. You can catch up with her on Twitter, at her website, and her Gypsy In The Attic podcast.

I've learned a great deal, pulling this podcast together, brief though the run may be. One of the things was in securing the proper licensing for the music. We have a couple of great groups working with us: Dr. Frankenstein: The Cursed Tapes, and The Pharos: The New Pharos, both from the Free Music Archive.

Okay, it's later. The Winds is the first podcast from Wireless Adventures, my production concern.  I love the tag line! I’m kinda excited about that. You know, that wouldn't do so well for a kite manufacturer, but I think it works here.

I started putting this together about a year ago, gathering information, trying to understand the business side, etc. Some stuff was easy; securing a PO Box for a mailing address. Other stuff, not so much. Getting the URL turned out to be a pain in the butt. GoDaddy is still holding it for ransom. To be fair, they've promise to release it by the end of the May. We'll see.

At the crossroads of urban fantasy and noir - mean streets - Dirty Magick!All this podcasting talk is to promote the release of the Dirty Magick:New Orleans anthology, available now in ebook and paperback. You can follow the continuing adventures of Jack in Glass Darkly.

This book has a ton of great 
authors; Rhonda Eudaly, Terry Mixon, Scott Roche, and more. All these guys are very talented. If you like your genre mashups murky and mysterious, you really can't miss with this one. At the crossroads of urban fantasy and noir – mean streets – Dirty Magick!

Right now, this is only available at Amazon. As soon as GoDaddy releases the WA url, I'll set up a store where you can grab some print copies. I'll have to look into WA gear. I know this summer I'll want a hat, at least.

The Schedule

(subject to interruption by reality, of course)


Content Update of Paul K.

This is still ongoing, and should get better as I learn better time management. *snort* I have added a "Current Distractions" widget that shows what I'm reading and listening to, though. That should be almost completely useless. I've been brushing up on my critiquing skills by reviewing offerings from Audible. I've got three reviews up so far, and three more in the can. Do you think I sound start podcasting the reviews? Whadayamean isn't writing them distraction enough?

Scott Roche's Omniverse Podcast

Audio cut and sent to Scott. Should be dropping soonish.

Tales of the Weird West

Unfortunately, I did not complete my story for this in time. I met Danielle Ackley-McPhail, the editor for this anthology, at RavenCon this year. She says she'll be doing another volume and to keep the story for the new one. Nice to know!

The Melting Podcast

Chronos Iterum has been accepted! If you want a sneak peak into the universe of the "Operation Roundhammer" project, this is the window! Should be dropping into their podcast feed in the third quarter. I look forward to meeting hosts A.F. Grappin and Erin Kazmark at BaltiCon this year. Speaking of which...

Balticon 49

I will be attending, and reading from Glass Darkly. Also, hobnobbing with the geek and chic. Look for photos.

Operation Roundhammer

Story Bible - done.
Outline - done.
Characters - In the weeds.
There's work to be done here. So far, it's all plot driven. The characters are just there, like set dressing. Or props. It's a great universe, full of tension, politics, greed, but no real character. Like a role playing game without engaging players. Blargh!

Enough Blather!

Don't forget to subscribe to the Wireless Adventures feed! There will be more stories coming. Eventually. Don't judge.

See you in 30 (ish).
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