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Quick one today

Sergio is on a much deserved desert trip this week and James has been shipping while he's gone. Vince, Grant, and I are on the phones and calls are coming in steadily, so I didn't get as much time as I'd like to make a good email, but I did manage to upload two more staff bikes (below) and take some photos of friend Brandon's Bridgestone UNO. There's an interesting history behind it.

Scheduling News:
We're going back to an 8 to 4 schedule Monday thru Friday on May 3rd. The showroom will still be closed til later in May but you'll be able to catch us on the phones more easily and not have to rush to get here before 3 to grab curbside pickups. More updates on Riv's re-opening later.

Two new staff bikes

Rich's Frank Jones and Vince's new Clem L. Check out the wingbolt on Vince's shifter; bikes need more wingbolts. That brass Silver2 washer is custom, but we might have them someday.

Bridgestone UNO

It's called the UNO because it's a single speed, but the name works even better now because this is the only one that got made. Our Roaduno (super far out now - 2022) will be a much-refined version of this bike, but it won't be as rare as da UNO. Check out the gallery here.

The Big Jim cage

We got a bunch of these 32oz bottle cages that mount to normal double braze-ons. They're made by Tanaka in Japan, but we call them the Jim cage because our friend at Merry Sales, Jim Porter, is importing them and likely had a hand in getting them made. We'll have more "Jim" products this year, including a less-expensive-than-Nitto-but-still-good stem.

New Blahg

Grant has a new one up with some more mailbox content and a glimpse of current leadtimes from big-name suppliers. 785 days in some cases.

The e-bike above was sent to me from a customer and I sent it to Rich telling him his job was in jeopardy. The bike looks HR Giger-ish, but not in a way I like.

We sell Voile straps now

The Irish strap is still our favorite, but Voiles have their applications too. James mounts his baskets to his front rack using two of them and there's no looseness or jangling at all. If you're into the QR basket, get a pair and try it out.

If you have a moment:

Please sign this petition to keep JFK Drive in Golden Gate Park car free. They shut it down for the pandemic so people could exercise and get some outside time without getting too close and, no surprise, everyone loves it. It's also been the go-to for kids to learn how to ride bikes safely and now they want to open it back up to car traffic, which was unnecessary in the first place. There are streets bordering the park that are more useful for drivers than JFK.
Thank you!

Dutch stuff re-stock

We got a variety of inexpensive grips in from Holland, including our favorite cheapy, shown above, in a new color. There's also a variety of plug-on/lock on grips in differing lengths so you can fine tune your bar set up.

Important: If you have a bar that accepts bar end shifters, don't get the lock on grips, they won't work.

We also got some Dutch bells:
They're nothing fancy but they do the job fine.

The Bike Index - a useful resource

After my two stolen bike stories last week, a customer linked me to The Bike Index, a website where you can register your bikes and list them as stolen if need be. Here's how to do it.

Back in stock 4/16/21

We got some Choco-Moose bars. If you've been looking for one, here's your chance.
king stainless steel bottle cages
zefal hpx frame pump

Here's the song currently on repeat, always relevant. I'm feeling sad/angry this week, for all the obvious reasons.

I got shot #1 at Waterworld last Saturday. When I got to the front of the line I asked if I was in the right queue for Hurricane Harbor. No laughs, understandably.

I'm going on a much needed S240 tonight. We'll have some pics next week and maybe a ride report although we're only going about an hour away.
Have a good weekend y'all,
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