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Saturday shifts are back this week

 Antonio, James, and Harry (not pictured but I bet lots of you have met and talked to him), will be here 10am to 4pm on Saturdays starting this week. Come on by for PBH measuring, test rides, order pickups, or just to check stuff out.

One thing though: we still require everyone to wear masks. We're well aware of what the CDC said this past Tuesday, but please indulge our collective trauma from the past year and wear one. If you forget, we'll provide one. We'll try to keep most of the interactions outside, but we'll have the roll up open for max air flow too.

We're also taking appointments if you want to come by during the week. You can make one here and we'll be ready for you. You can also leave an order note explaining what you'd like to accomplish and that'll help us get ready. We're accepting two a day to start and may bump it up depending on how things go and our level of busyness.

I'm so happy to bring Harry back on board after more then a year!

Tosco bar re-stock

We re-stocked our new go-to upright bar - the Tosco, including my favorite 65cm variation. The heavy serration on the bulge will make em grip better on rough descents or when you're going up and down curbs.

My 2 cents: get the shifters out of the way, put them down on the flats and open up the area in front of the levers for another hand spot. It'll come in *handy* for climbs. You'll get used to reaching to shift in about two rides. It's far less of a reach than downtube shifters.

Bob Dylan/Platypus shirts

It's a Platypus long sleeve with a Bob quote on the back from the song "Watching the River Flow". The only obvious connection between the two is that Platypuses may spend a lot of time contentedly watching rivers flow.  We've had these for awhile (hence the longsleeves) but are only putting them up now. The profits go to the Australian Platypus Conservancy. All you Platy/Bob fans can get one here.

My friend Eric's fender buckled

It happened at the end of an all day ride and not in the middle, thankfully. A tiny stick got sucked by the rear tire, hit the fender stays and crumpled it all the way into the rear brake cable, locking up the rear wheel. It's not usually a safety issue if this happens on the back of the bike but when it happens on the front you can get flipped over the bars. It's happened to a couple of our customers over the years and I've even seen forks bent backward as a result. That's why we don't carry metal fenders and all of our SKS fenders have quick release attachments; If you suck a stick up the front wheel with an SKS fender, the struts will pop out of their plastic holders and you can remove the stick and re-attach them.

Instead of going through the hassle of removing the fender Eric popped open the rear brake and was able to ride home with just the front.  All good - stuff happens! He said he wanted to take off the fenders anyway.

Silver2 Shifter Thumb Perch update

I told a couple people on the phone that I'd get more up on the site by the end of the week, but after grinding about 30 tabs for X shifters, I ran into technical difficulties and couldn't do any more. Grant is looking for machinists who can do it for us, but so far no dice. I can't remember who I talked to on the phone so I'm putting this here and hoping they see it. We'll figure it out, but we won't have any more up this week.

New Blahg

Lots of B17s modification in this one - check it out if you have a Brooks saddle you've never quite been able to break in. It would be so cool if Brooks made us a polka dot saddle, with tons of holes. They have the three up top already, maybe they could do that all over. Like a Fatty Rumpkin tire, but in saddle form.

That first link is a doozy.. I wonder how that type of marketing affects real world behavior. I never thought of trail riding as dominating nature, more like passing through in a way that's quicker than walking and more gentle and engaging than being in a car. My advice for good trail mojo: be a traveler and sightseer, not a shredder.

New brake pads - cheap and good

They're Koolstop's best formula and they're 50mm long, which means if you file down the edges just a bit, they'll clear the stays or fork blades with lots of brakes out there. Get them and file them if you're frequently deflating a tire to get a wheel in and out and would rather avoid that step. Otherwise, they're just great pads.

Back in stock 5/20/21

brooks saddles
-B65 silver fender

That's a wrap! I'm going camping this weekend, although not on a bike. It'll also be my first time using a double wide sleeping bag.

I'll be back Tuesday, so if I don't get back to your email for awhile - that's why.

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