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Vaughn's custom

This one was a long time coming. We had the same frame made last year, but, darnnit, we forgot the Schmidt dropouts that allow a dyno connection without the finicky plugs. That frame ended up going to my friend Mike who rides it constantly and likely wouldn't spec anything differently on his own custom, so it all worked out. Vaughn has been ultra-patient and he has a Hunq and Clem L to ride in the meantime anyway. And maybe a Legolas too, featured in this old vid.
Vaughn went with Rene Herse cantis which we've never used before but seem to work just fine and look great. There's also a Robert-style pump peg on the seatstay. I prefer this DIY peg to the braze-on hook; It's more interesting and it can be moved around to fit whatever pump you want to use. Here's an old blug on how to make your own.
He used a Hands On Wheels branded Onyx rear hub, which is the only high end hub I know of that's totally silent. It's even quieter than the humble Deore hubs we generally use.
That's a Sugino Mighty Tour double with an IRD Tripilizer middle ring, another deep dive into the bike-parts world. The triplizer works perfectly and is a great way to get a 24t ring on an old double crank. Only Riv customs get this headbadge, designed 27 years ago now.

Andrea's 1x10 Sam

Andrea has a Cheviot already, but wanted to keep that as a city bike and build up another Riv for trails, without all the racks.
That's a 34t ring up front paired with an 11-42 10 speed cassette. The 34/42 should be low enough for the trails on Mt. Tam, and because it's technically a triple crank, we can always throw on a 24t inner ring later.
The grey tires are Ultradynamico's Rose, which we carry in the black JFF version. I love this patch they're selling.

This is a Sam from the batch we received in October. Our next batch, coming on the YM Unicorn with the Platypus frames is delayed 17 days because of bad weather and "berth congestion".

I found this kinda neat website where you can track the boats, but it's not updated enough to be that useful. The last update was 12 days ago.

New Blahg

Grant has a new Blahg up with a wide variety of topics, including our efforts towards the still unfinished Hillbike brochure, how not to lose your keys, and some history about Emmett Till. Check it out here.

New Nothing's Greater shirts

We got some new long sleeve pocket tees in with our Olivier spiffed-up equation logo. The XLs aren't quite ready yet, but we should have them next week. Find the shirts here.

And stickers too

We got some tiny yellow ones for skinny steel bike tubes and some slightly bigger blue ones for computer monitors and stop signs.

Bosco Mania

James and I both converted bikes back to Bosco bars last Friday. I don't know how I went without them for so long, They give you a perfect neutral back position and make commuting a total pleasure. Everybody should have Boscos on at least one bike, they feel regal. That's James's Atlantis up top and here's my Bosco'd Rosco:
I set up the shifters my new favorite way:
This way I get to use the "ramps" as a secondary hand position and I don't have to change cables and housing if I ever switch to a different bar. And because I know someone will ask: this is an old style Bosco with a bulge instead of a sleeve. The current batch are all sleeved except for the 55cm.

One thing I've noticed with Boscos is the saddle choice becomes much more critical. I'm currently using a B17 short that I'm trying to soften up for my girlfriend, and it was fine when I had flattish bars, but I want something softer now that my hip are rotated back and there's more weight on my butt. I know B67s are too wide for my narrow self, so there may be a carved saddle in my future.

This is a rare instance of me writing about a product that's actually in stock. I thought we only had the 55cm CrMo Boscos, but Spencer just received all the other variations too.

Forgot to mention this last week: MUSA pants are back

But now they're called BYK-R-SLAX. These are my favorite pants for riding (baggy, pleated Dockers are a close second), and my favorite pants for hot summer rides where I don't want to show off my nasty skateboard-gouged shins.

Here's the best feedback we've had on them:

"It's like I'm not wearing pants; I'm living the dream!" — Nate Tang
Not super exciting, but the old video was too low res.

New PBH Vid

I love the old one but I'm pretty sure it was filmed on one of these and is showing it's age a little too much.

The available rights-free music isn't great so we just left it silent. Back in the old days we had guitar whiz Dave make music especially for these.

Back in stock 2/19/21

We re-stocked a lot of the swept back Nitto bars, including the wide Boscos and Billie bars.
nitto bars
park tool
yokozuna brake pads

Un Riv Related or URR:
This has been on repeat this whole gloomy week. I think I'm becoming my Dad... that's not a bad thing, it's just interesting.

If you're trying to keep it low sugar and like hot chocolate, you have to try this stuff. I'm up to two cups a day and could easily do five. Please don't email me with a study showing the terrible long term effects of Monkfruit... I don't wanna know.

Good news!

'til next time,
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