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General update - early May

Appaloosas are slightly delayed, but we just got word that they'll be at HQ mid May and we'll get them up on the site a week to a week and a half after that. Keep an eye on these emails for the latest info about those and check out the staff Appas for ideas on how to build them up. Blue Lug also builds some great ones.

Other than that it's been fairly quiet. We're back to 8 hour days (8 to 4) and are busy getting our ducks in a row to re-open. Sergio deep cleaned the showroom, which badly needed it, and James has been tuning up what few demo bikes we have.

The images above were made back to back on a ride to pick up lunch for the staff. It's not all trails and Oak trees! I don't have any riding pix this week.
Do y'all wave to people when you ride? I used to poke fun of Rich for waving to absolutely everyone on a bike - I've seen him ding his bell and wave to people wearing teardrop helmets hammering away to beat their Strava buddies - but lately I've been waving more and it's made me feel friendlier and happier post-ride.

It started with someone in a car who mistook me for my doppelganger fellow Appaloosa rider Kyle and even after we realized we didn't know each other, we waved and said hello. For the rest of the ride after that I waved at anybody I made eye contact with, cyclist or otherwise (even drivers!) and when I got home I felt really good, like I had nice neighbors and potential friends all around me.  The amount of people who waved back (enthusiastically, even) and said hi or Yo! surprised me. I think I'll keep doing it, I'm not scared of being snubbed or cool-guy'd, and getting a wave back from a stranger goes a long way somehow. Next time I see someone in a teardrop helmet, I'm gonna wave and see what happens.

The Sackville Slimsucker

We brought back the old Saddlesack Small and gave it a new name. There was too much of a gap between the BagBoy and the Bananasack. The Bagboys (which replaced the small but are actually giant) wouldn't fit on rackless bikes with lower saddle heights and sometimes you want to carry more than what a Bananasack allows. That's where the SlimSucker shines.  The bag in the photo above is loaded with books and only needs about 8 inches between the saddle loops and the tires, but I'd shoot for 9 inches to allow the leather straps to stretch. Look how much it fits:
There's only two colors right now, Tan and Royal, but we'll get them in others too.

Cork Grip Restock

They're back, and possibly for the last time. I know we always say that, but these orders are pricey, especially this time. They're the same as before except the tunnels are slightly bigger so you don't have to rasp material away before gluing them on. We also sell them one at a time now, so if you have a 1x set up you can get a normal grip for the left and a bar end grip for the right. Bar end grips here and normal here.

Longest Blahg Ever

It's a big one; about a 30 minute read. The most important thing is a call for donations to help Lakota kids on the Pine Ridge Reservation. Donate $20 and Riv will give you $10 in credit and donate another $10 to the same cause. If you want to get Riv credit for your donation, you must have an account. If you don't already have one, please set one up here. We'll give you 1/2 credit and 1/2 match the donation up to $200.

Other Blahg features include:
  • Pics of the turkey that's been cruising around our warehouse. Between the turkey, the cats, the Lesnik, and the new birds nest above the showroom door, we've got lots of nice wildlife around.
  • Some James Baldwin excerpts that couldn't be any better
  • An email from the guy helping us develop the rear derailleur and new Silver brakes
  • A couple of film shots, that are, according to Grant, technically lousy and why that doesn't matter too much.
  • An announcement about which MUSA item is coming next
  • Grant's first cup of coffee in 50 years
Read it here.

Pine Tar Soaponarope is back

I deleted the copy that said it won't be a regular item - I think we all like it enough that we'll stock it as long as we're able. I also deleted the text that says only two bars a person - we have enough to supply people with more than that. Get some here.

New staff bike - My Homer

I love this zippy machine. It has the best qualities of all the non Riv road bikes I've ridden and none of the bad ones.  Hitting potholes with this bike is almost addictive - the way it absorbs the impacts from bad roads is such a good feeling. Check out the rest of the pics here.

I've gone through a couple bar swaps - all excellent - and I'm happy with the current set up, but we just got a sample of 54cm Noodles in and I'm feeling my annual drop bar temptation...

Back in stock 5/7/21

We got a surprise CX50 restock. Shimano discontinued them but then brought them back under a different part number, along with Deore Vs and Alivio Vs. Hopefully they're all here to stay, but I still plan on stashing away a couple pairs of Deore V brakes when they come in.
brooks saddles
cork grip, now sold individually
snow peak titanium 

That's a wrap! Have a good weekend, and watch out for people driving while on Zoom, like this Senator.
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