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We're reopening May 18th

The whole staff will be innoculated by then so we'll reopen the showroom for test rides, fittings, parts-pickin, and the rest. We'll be taking appointments for visits during weekdays - You'll be able to call to make one or do it online and it'll be easy, I promise. We're also going to be open on Saturdays starting May 22nd, 10 to 4pm. No appointments required on those days, we'll be ready.  Curbside pickups will continue as they have this past year.

We'll go by whatever CDC guidelines are in place at that point. I suspect masks indoors and masks optional outside but we'll see what they say. Masks will never be discouraged around here.

James took the photo up top on a campout last week. Looks idyllic except some maniac tagged the trees. I wish I could shake whoever did it and tell them to stick to tagging billboards no one asked for. Leave the trees and rocks alone, for cryin out loud.

It was Sergio's first hammock camp out - he says next time he'll mount the hammock lower and tauter but despite the sag he still got a good night's sleep. A customer who read my complaints about sleep on campouts recommended I try out a hammock and I think I'll give it a go as well. It can hardly get worse, that's for sure.

In other news, We've built and shipped a fair amount of Platypus frames. Here's two I pried out of our bikepacker's hands for quick photos:
This is a 60cm Lime Olive with Losco bars and a Basket Rack. Forgive the position of the crank arms.
Here's a 50cm set up as a roadish Platty with Rene Herse tires and an 11-28 cassette.

And here's two other Rivs we're working on this week:
Here's Charles's Roadeo - this is actually a replacement, the first one was damaged in shipping. Argh! It happens, although we do our best to avoid it.
Here's a Crust Towel-Racked Sam.. The bars are visually out there, but it all makes sense when you ride the bike. I could definitely see getting used to the wide position of the drops, especially on trails. Speaking of Crust - If anyone with an 86cm + PBH wants a decked out Platypus, ready to go, they've got one.

Yes, I use my keys to prevent the bikes from rolling away. They just want to go!

And just in case you haven't seen enough bikes

There are two new staff bikes up  - my Appaloosa and Rich's custom. Check em out here.
I replaced the tires on my Rosco and pulled this dried tubeless gunk out of the old tires. I'm still on the fence about tubeless - Do people clean their tires periodically or do they just accept that the tires get heavier and more bogged down as you top off the sealant?

I also don't know about the environmental impact of tubeless vs tubes. I know Panaracer is making some sealant out of walnut shells and I'll try that next time, but this particular stuff doesn't seem like something that'll degrade naturally, not that a tube would either.  There are more serious environmental issues of course but I still like to do what I can.

Another bikes by Blue Lug vid - Matsumoto's Sam

Matsumoto has one of my favorite Sam colors - the old Sage. Nice build! I like the white Phil hub. Thanks for getting a Sam, Matsumoto-san.

I grew up on "stroads"

Watch this only if you're into transit stuff and want to add another word to your vocabulary to make fun of American (and Canadian) car-centric city planning. Those streets in the Netherlands look incredible.

Roman rides the Uni

I still can't and don't think James has made it more than one pedal stroke either. Click the pic above to watch the video. It's still not graceful, but you'd have to be really good to look graceful on a unicycle. Or maybe it's an inherently ungraceful contraption. Unicyclers, please don't be mad at me.

Back in stock 4/29/21

park tools

I don't have a singular favorite photo, but if I had to pick 10 pictures to bring with me to a desert island, this one by Nicholas Nixon would easily make the list. I wanna give that cow a hug, once a day.
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