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An experiment in noodles

Two email updates ago in a mini review of the Losco bar I complained that I couldn't quite grab in front of the levers without having the housing right up against my knuckles. It's an ultra-minor who-cares complaint to be sure, but a couple people emailed me suggesting I install v-brake noodles at the lever to move the housing away from the bars. That's a fantastic idea that I'm ashamed I didn't think of myself especially because we have a ton of those noodles around here. Mark volunteered to install them on my bike and here's what it looks like now:
Unfortunately it added only a little bit of room, not as much as I had hoped, but it is slightly easier to grab in front of the lever. Mark pointed out that the real benefit of the v-noodle is preventing housing bunching up behind a basket or handlebar bag. You can see how the housing dives straight away from the lever without sweeping outwards first. Anybody getting a Bosco basket should get the noodles too. It'll work without them, but they'll keep it tidy.

Maybe we'll carry some, but they're also all over eBay and Amazon for pennies.

The KevMo SlugStone

Former employee Keven bought our medium Susie demo a long time ago and we finally got around to making some changes on it for him. His current Cheviot and Surly Big Dummy are set up so similarly that I'd be able to tell this is a Keven machine even if I hadn't sold it to him.

That's a Wald 157, the giant delivery model. At $71 they're the cheapest way to carry an absurd amount of stuff. I find the 139 (our huge) more than enough, but Keven carries stuff for his two kids also. The rear Pletscher rack is at least 11 years old and has carried both Keven's and Saturday guy Scott's kids. Clearly we set this bike up before our v-noodle revelation.
The Edelux (sold out now, more coming) is my favorite light, not because the beam pattern or aesthetics, but because you can turn it off without having the front wheel spinning. With a heavy front load and a B&M light mounted low, you can either grunt and lift the bike up, spin the wheel, and hit the button, or try to do it while you're riding and risk putting fingers in the spokes. The Sinewave has that neat toggle, but I haven't used one of those yet.

This is another ultra-minor, who-cares problem but I am a bike nerd, after all.

New sweatshirts

We got some more Nothing's Greater sweatshirts in, this time with the updated, Olivier-designed logo. James is 5'8 and wearing a medium.

More staff bikes up

Rich's red Roadeo and Mark's Quickbeam are up now. QBs are no longer available, but we do have plans for a new 1 speed - the Roaduno, although they've been pushed back to 2022.

The Blahg

It's not up yet but check here in 24 hours or so for some MUSA rear derailleur updates, a look at the sweater vests we're about to get in and a funny anecdote about Trek's XO1. That's a beautiful postcard Ana!

Back in Stock 3/19/21

clipper cranks
Prices are going up on a lot of our stuff starting next week. There might be a couple big jumps, but most will be minor. Our cost has gone up on everything and shipping prices have, in some cases, doubled since last year.

Somewhat Riv related:

From this excellent Bloomberg article on "petro-masculinity" and ridiculously big pickup trucks:
“To fill the bottomless tank of a pickup … is to practice the religion of the American Way. It is to affirm climate denial, petrol-adventurism, and American exceptionalism.”

No punches pulled there.


"Giant, furious trucks are more than just a polarizing consumer choice: Large pickups and SUVs are notably more lethal to other road users, and their conquest of U.S. roads has been accompanied by a spike in fatalities among pedestrians and bicyclists."

Can we get a little regulation here? I'm sure having them electrified and running silently won't help the fatality rate either. Or maybe I'm already an old man yelling at clouds.
It's entirely possible.

Cat news:

We have two cats at Rivendell now. One, pictured here, comes every morning and loafs on the barrier until one of us puts some food out. This cat still doesn't entirely trust us, but it doesn't run away when we approach anymore. I don't think anybody has been able to pet it though. It likes Mark the best.

The other cat snuck in here and made a home upstairs by where we keep the wheels. We've only caught glimpses of it but we know it's still there because it's been eating the food we put out and, thank Zeus, using the litterbox. A volunteer came by and dropped off a trap (non-lethal of course) but so far the cat hasn't been fooled. This is a developing story and I'll keep you posted.

Have a good weekend,
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