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Our Appaloosa container came in

We're going to put them on the website here Tuesday June 15th at 12 noon, Pacific time. These frames will go quickly, some people will undoubtedly miss out, and I'll wince every time I hear about it. I'm glad there's so much demand, but I wish everybody who wanted a bike could get one.

I'll send reminder updates next week and the day before as well. Schedule a 15 minute break if you have to work and don't count on a friend to check out for you - they'll feel terrible if they aren't able to snag one. If you miss out rest assured we have a ton of bikes coming in 2022. Too many maybe.

Also, there's no need to get the frame and build on one invoice. When the frames go live, just get the frame and one of these instructional products. I'd have the instructional product already added to the cart for max speed. If you select that you want a build, one of us will get in touch with you to go over the parts.

Here's the Mermaid in the sun:
And in the shade:
And check out Sergio's Appaloosa below for a pic of the current orange.

These are the parts we recommend for an expeditious build - we've made sure to keep this stuff in stock for just this reason:
  • Tosco Bars
  • Nitto Fillet Faceplate stem - sized to fit
  • Silver Wide/Low Double
  • Deore M591 rear derailer
  • Let us pick the front derailer
  • 11-36 9 speed cassette - we have them stashed for builds
  • Velocity built stock wheelsets - either Atlas or Cliffhanger
  • Soma Shikoro Tires for road and commuting or Cazaderos for trail. Tires are tough to get right now so it's good to be flexible here
  • Silver2 shifters - we're on track to have the thumbies in stock by the time builds start happening
  • DXR or XT brake levers depending on stock - both great
  • Tektro M730 V brakes
  • MKS Monarch Pedals
  • Any grip you like that we carry
Going off spec is totally fine, but there will be long lead times for parts.

If you're wondering if the Appaloosa is the right bike for you, or if you have questions about sizing - give us a ring before the 15th and we'll figure it out together.

New Blahg

Grant has a new one up with news about the Silver rear derailer, the Monarch supplement shown above, and a new rear rack that is working fantastically for me, seen here:
There's also
  • a low carb tortilla recommendation
  • some helmet links - one about Bosnia repealing helmet laws
  • A link to some story about a Colnago "NFT" that makes me feel old
  • a good way to store bikes at home
  • And some links to high end scissor makers - I'll take the scissors over the NFT, thank you.

650b Gus Forks for sale

These are fantastic forks - 1 1/8 threadless for 650b wheels for tires up to 2.8 inches. There's a non-exciting story behind these and originally we were going to send them back to Taiwan to be used on a Rosco iteration, but our production schedule is already jam packed.

They're a great choice if you want to "mullet" your old rigid MTBs and gain some tire clearance in the front. $250 and no returns.

Get one here

We also found some VP Thin Gripsters left over.

One Build and some camping set ups

This is Brandon's Platypus. He's got a garage full of Bridgestones but this is his first Riv and he brought in a bunch of neat parts for us to use. My favorite bits are the Ritchey Logic levers and the Suntour XC post.

The Hub Area Rack is tilted back a couple of degrees because it's designed around frames with a 72 degree headtube angle instead of the Platy's 69.5 degree-er. No big deal.

There's a full gallery of this bike here.
We're going camping. Here are the rigs, starting with James's Atlantis
Sergio's Appaloosa.
Antonio's Ross. Full staff bike gallery of this coming soon.
And my Rosco. The rear rack Grant writes about in the Blahg is on the back.

Back in stock 6/4/21

Our Appa container driver let me take his pic.. The light was terrible and the negative is thin but it still scanned in OK. I love the boots, and the sticker behind them.
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