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Appaloosa aftermath

I think we sold out of the middle sizes in under five minutes - It's exhilarating but it drives me crazy that people who want a frame miss out. I got a couple angry emails, but less than I was expecting actually. For every person that does email, I bet there are five more miffed people that don't. Here's part of my response to one person:

All of us stress out over the current predicament of tons of demand and almost no supply. It used to be that we'd get a frame shipment in and it would be months to sell out of the more popular sizes and sometimes years, literally, before the outliers got off the shelf. All these current orders were placed before we knew how popular our bikes would get during the bike boom so they're really limited in quantity.

I understand the frustration of those who missed out, but this is still a welcome change from having 62cm Sam frames sit on the shelf for 2 1/2 years. James just told me MASH is running a raffle just for the possibility to buy a frame out of their next batch. I don't think we'll adopt that system, but I understand the impetus behind it.

Next year we have tons of bikes coming and we'll achieve some supply and demand balance. I hope those of you who wanted one and missed it aren't so mad at us that we can't pick this up again later on.

For those of you who were lucky enough to snag one:
Antonio has already shipped out almost all of the no-prep frames and we're working through the rest. If you indicated that you'd like to have your frame built up, Vince, James or I will be in touch to figure out the details, probably early next week. Thank you!

 Wool underwear blowout

We have tons of 100% merino wool underwear from our Aussie wool supplier, but the fits leave some consistency to be desired - They seem to be different color to color and if you bought a medium before, these mediums may fit differently. Rather than put them up for full pop and risk bumming people out with a no-return item like underwear, we're discounting them ultra-heavily and donating all sales to the BRF - We'll match the purchase and throw in $19 of our own too.

At $19, you can risk getting a couple pairs and having one of them fit weird. Give that one away to a friend it might fit better. If you like the Aussie undies - get them now, we have one more batch coming, but those might fit more uniformly (fingers crossed) and thus be listed at regular price.

Get a couple pairs here.
From left to right: BringBring Bell, Small Hammer Strike, Small Spring, Revolver

New bells

Our distributor is out of the usual spring bell so we got four new varieties instead - all made by Crane in Japan and all brass. Here's a vid so you can preview how they all sound and here's a rundown of the vibe of each one:

Revolver bell: Nice sound - a little high tech looking on the bike and kinda pricey, but addicting to ring.
BringBring bell: Sounds like a little kid delivering papers - really friendly, no one will be shocked or mad at you. If you're on rough singletrack you might even get a laugh.
Small Spring bell: This is the best one to get for a friendly tone without going to full little kid mode with the BringBringer.
Small Hammer bell: Good for penetrating earbuds and possibly car windows if they don't have the music cranked to 11. It might shock people on the bikepath though. It definitely has more of a "get out of the way" tone than the others.

Check them out here.

New Blahg

Grant has a new one up. Features include
  • Some e-bike sales projections and our feelings about them. Charts like the one above always make me think of this photo from Evidence.
  • Some juicy cork grip drama
  • An inside look on how kids played "soccer" in the early '60s.
  • Thoughts on loud vs. quiet rear hubs
  • some good links and more bikey ruminations
We got some BagBoys in - heres one compared to a SlimSucker. Bagboy on top, Slimsucker below. The Bagboy is 7.5 inches tall - Slimsucker is 6.5'. You'll need more than that distance between your saddle loops and tire for them to clear though, probably another inch. If it's close, get some Voile straps and use those instead of the provided leather ones.
Customer Mat sent me some pics of his partially home made fenders and I thought they were neat enough to share. No sucking up sticks with these 'uns.
A normal fender does a better job of keeping dirt off your lower bottle, but this way Mat gets a full dose of probiotics on every muddy ride.
We got a small amount of Blue Lug's 1 inch brass headset spacers in. This might be one of those products where they sell out instantly but it's worth checking here. There are two sizes, 5mm and 2mm.

More Garage sale stuff

John came down and dropped off some of the remaining Rivelo stock - it's on the site now. If you're into the small Trunksacks or if you miss the old Bartubes - nows your chance.

There's also the last three ToscoMoose bars - those are discontinued.

If you need a toilet seat cover - we gotcha.

Back in stock 6/18/21

There are only a few Cambium fans here, and I'm not one of them, but I like the new C67- the only gotcha is there's no saddle bag loops. Apparently they were worried that the loops would catch on people's pants and dresses, but the Cambiums always have a recessed slot for straps rather than the pokey loops so I'm not sure what the deal is.
Crank bros
dynamo light stuff
It's that time of the year again - if we sound a little slow on the phones in the afternoon it's because our brains are melting. I'll also use this as an excuse for run-on sentences.

Have a good weekend!
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