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Welcome to the first edition of this newsletter. You subscribed to this list after viewing "Hacker News Hiring Trends", a little info site I published last month for the first time to track software hiring trends on Hacker News. The purpose of this newsletter is to let you know when the latest edition of HN Hiring Trends is available and share other interesting, related Software Development links.


Hacker News Hiring Trends - September update
The reason you subscribed to this list, back for the September edition.  There are a few changes worth noting in this update. First, I've added June and July, in addition to the August debut edition. The methodology has been tweaked to only include top level comments on the Who is hiring threads, and the rising/falling calculations, which capture year-over-year trends have been updated to better capture terms falling to 0 or rising from 0.


What Technology Should My Startup Use?
Prominent Ruby developer and author Matt Aimonetti gives an answer, with today's tech, to the age old question, "I’m starting this new project, what technology do you think I should use?"

Try 10 Programming Languages in 10 minutes
Are those shiny programming language objects luring you in? Phil Trelford presents 10 options that you can try out in a browser and gives some ideas about how to get started in a new language too.

Why Does Angular.js Rock?
According to HN hiring trends, JavaScript is the must-have skill and AngularJS will soon overtake Backbone as the most popular framework for building JS driven apps. It's time to read up on it.


Hacking the Coding Interview
Philip Youssef, a software engineer at Twitter, presents an approach to preparing for a technical interview.

I will not do your tech interview.
On the other side of the technical interview discussion, Ike Ellis prefers to do a short paid contract as a gauge of his skills rather than the traditional whiteboard or pair programming interview.

How To Ace A Job Interview: 7 Research-Backed Tips
A research driven round-up of interviewing and negotiation tips by Eric Barker.


Average Income per Programming Language
Combing multiple data sources, Ben Podgursky puts a dollar figure on a number of different technologies. Break out the ActionScript?

Am I really a developer or just a good googler?
We've all been there. Scott Hanselman addresses a common developer's fear and has some tips for gaining confidence.

What did the tech CEO say to the worker he wanted to automate?
“Everywhere I walk in San Francisco, I notice there's a job that I don't think will be there in 15 years,” - UserVoice CEO Richard White gives Marketplace his take on how software will continue to automate jobs.


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