जीवन के किसी भी क्षण में वैराग्य उमड़ सकता है।
जो संसार  में रहकर प्राणी संसार को तज सकता है ||

 Dear All
Jai Jinendra!
Most of us have heard stories about renunciation but very rare are fortunate enough to see it happening in their daily life. Among us, many must have read the book ' A monk who sold his Ferrari' which is just a miniature version of the grandness of actual vairagya witnessed here at Sri Jain Mandir a few days back.
जो संसार विषय सुख होता, तीर्थँकर क्यों त्यागे 
काहे को शिव साधन करते सैन्यम सो अनुरागे

We all at SJM community are extremely proud to share that one of our fellow community member and friend Urvashi Shah recently renounced everything and went back to India forever to take the ascetic path.

She has joined sangh,took brahmachary vrat (celibacy vow) and got her dress changed to a white Sari and is leading to the way of achieving mokshadayini Jaineshvari Diksha in near future.

Diksha is preparation or consecration for a religious ceremony to renounce worldly life for an ascetic one. Jain monks and nuns renounce all material possessions and live an ascetic life full of self control, renounciation and extreme Tyag and Tapasya. 

Urvashi Didi use to visit temple regularly on every Sunday when temple is generally opened, every day on Paryushan and other days when possible and use to participate in Puja and Swadhayay very actively. She is very knowledgeable, had memorised Bhaktamar Ji, Mahaverastak, many stories of Pratmanuyaog and recently finished reading Ratnakand Sharavakar besides completed reading other granths and Shastraji.

She lived a very simple and religious life and followed celibacy, strict dietary restrictions, was pure vegetarian, a teetotaller and use to fast from sunset to sunrise i.e. never eating during night and use to keep fasts regularly on Asthami and Chaturdashi in Canada and US where she use to work before coming here.

She use to go to office daily and even after following hard rules she took time to mingle with friends and community.

Overall she lead a balanced life. She fasted 21 Sunday’s since January 2018, so as to get guidance and direction to start her ascetic journey from the omniscient God.

On the day of her 21st fast, she finally got the answer to the biggest question of her life and she left everything her career, bright and promising life in Canada and went back to India within a short span of a week.

कहीं दर्पण देख विरक्ति, कहीं मृतक देख वैरागी।
बिन कारण दीक्षा लेता, वो पूर्व जनम का त्यागी।।

She was honoured by the community at Sri Jain Mandir for her historical decision which brought goosebumps and even tears in the eyes of many people who witnessed this event.

ज़रा सोच लो समझ लो भैया, यह सैंयम सुमेरु का भार है।
इन कठिन व्रतों का पालना बच्चों का नहीं खिलवाड़ है।।

She has decided to surrender all her earnings to her parents so as to ensure that they live their life without any difficulty.

इत्यादिक बहु संपत्ति तेरी जीरन तन सम त्यागी..

With this we wish her all the best for her journey ahead and decide to give aahara / aushidi/ shashtra daan to her if possible, or to other maharaji and mataji who leave everything for their as well as our spiritual upliftment.

It is our moral responsibility to take care of such great people whose life inspires us for spiritual upliftment.

कोस हज़ारों पैदल चलना, हाथों से लोचन करना।
लेने को निर्दोष आहार जाना, ग्राहन को घर घर फिरना ।।
साधु बनने में कष्ट अपार है, कहो आत्मा तुम्हारी तैयार है।
इन कठिन व्रतों का पालना बच्चों का नहीं खिलवाड़ है।।

She is a living example for each of us. She displayed highest level of motivation and commitment to her values and religion while being here in Canada where is life has no restrictions.

May her courage, bravery, moral values, religious insights and righteousness enlighten our way of life.

Kind Regards 

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Thank you,

Apoorva Jain
EC - Communication and Media,
Sri Jain Mandir,
247 Park Lawn Road, Toronto
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