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Newsletter #001 • Tuesday, 21 August 2018
First, a quick word of advice: for

Greetings fellow earthling,
optimised results, read this with a cup of coffee in your hand (or tea, if that’s what makes you happy). 

The other day, as I was going through my never-ending reading list, I stumbled upon this quote:

If building a company
were like planning a wedding, customer service is frequently the second cousin who’s invited when slots open up on the attendee list. 
— First Round Review

Oh wow. That hurts. Yet, that’s how most people see customer service. 

And this is part of the reason why we have created this newsletter. Because customer support should be a crucial priority for any business. Because it is, in fact, a company’s most direct line to customers that at peak times, can represent an
organisation up to 60 times an hour. 

A hell of a second cousin if you ask me.  

So good thing we’re not planning any wedding here. We’re just getting started with a newsletter, from one customer-obsessed comrade to another. 

My name is
Maria Almeida, and I’m the Almighty Duchess of Content at Unbabel. I’ll be the one who sneaks into your inbox every week to send you this special bulletin with hand-picked content and unique insights on what it means to be a customer-centric business and how to give your customers the best possible experience. 

Welcome aboard and check below the great content we’ve been feeding our brains. 

Oh and if by any chance you have articles/videos/podcasts on customer service that are worth sharing, just hit reply and let me know. I’d love to add those in future editions. 😊

Maria Almeida

🔖 This week's top picks 
📈 Lessons from the woman who built Squarespace's customer team from 1 to 184
See the quote I used above about the wedding, the second cousin and all? Well, it's from this article, and it's just a great read for anyone who is interested in how kick-ass customer service teams are built. 

First Round Review interviews Christa Collins, who was the first customer service employee at website builder Squarespace. Over her tenure, she built the customer care team from one employee (her) to a division of 184 people operating across three time zones. She designed a workflow to triage 25,000 customer support requests per week — and that was only via its email channel.

Quite impressive if you ask me. 
🍏 The Apple I knew...
A rant about customer service, support, and experience, from someone who has been increasingly disappointed with Apple. 
🗣️ Hone your tone of voice. A linguistic perspective on how to talk to customers
Ever since our Director of Quality Julie has joined Unbabel, she's been thinking about how one's language and tone of voice can influence customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. Together with a team of 7 language specialists, she has analysed a myriad of written customer support messages. Here are the main takeaways. 
✨ Empowering your team: kindness in customer service
 No matter what you sell, whether it be a product or service, your company and employees should strive to provide a good experience for your customer. And the secret to a great experience is: treat them with kindness (easier said than done, I know). Read this great article by Zendesk Relate with valuable tips on kindness from companies like Disney. 
☎️ T-Mobile is completely overhauling how its customer service works
T-Mobile announced its latest “Un-carrier” initiative today in a fresh attempt to gain new subscribers and lure customers away from rival providers. And it focuses on a crucial, but less flashy subject than the company’s past splashes: customer service.
🔥 Social Customer Service is the new Marketing hero
Marketing and customer service have always had a troubled relationship. But having these two teams aligned now, in an age where social customer service is taking over, is more crucial than ever. The question is, how should you tackle it? Our own Director of Marketing, Fernando Amaral, writes about coming to grips with a new hero for both marketing and customer service. Give it a read and let us know what you thought.
💡 Speaking words of wisdom

People will sit up and take notice of you if you will sit up and take notice of what makes them sit up and take notice.
— Harry Selfridge
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