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Newsletter #003 • 4 September 2018
Greetings fellow human,

Machines will take over customer support and we’ll no longer need human agents. 
That’s what I keep hearing. And yet I can’t get my head around it. 

Don’t humans yearn for human contact? Will machines really take over? Do chatbots and automated messages improve customer satisfaction? 

Well, automation in customer support is no easy job, which is why most companies get it wrong. You keep hearing that over automating leads to customer frustration and that some things should never be automated in customer service.

Bottom line is, it can’t be feast or famine. It needs to be just right. It needs to be nuanced. 

But where do you go from here? Well, you try to learn as much as you can before you take your decisions. And reading this article is a pretty good start. 

Bye, have a beautiful time,
Maria Almeida 

P.S.: We’ll be talking a lot about this topic in a webinar on automation for customer support with our partners from DigitalGenius tomorrow if you’re interested. 

🔖 This week's top picks 
💻 Computer says no — Why my dad hates automation in customer support
They say humans yearn for human contact and, if given the choice, they will always prefer interacting with another human. 

Just ask Edmund's dad! The thing is, not all customers are alike.

So what should you automate, and what should you not? I guess this easy to follow checklist is the perfect way to get you started.
🤖 Chatbots are killing customer service. Here's why.
It's time for a reality check. Chatbots are killing customer service. That's according to Christopher Elliot, who writes this thought-provoking article for Forbes and who thinks chatbots are in fact damaging the conversations we're having with customers. 
🎮 How electronic arts improves the gamer experience through team empowerment and journey mapping
You may think of gaming as simply a favorite past time of your children, but it’s actually on track to becoming a 180 billion dollar industry by 2021. Read this interview on Customer Bliss with John Pompei, Head of Player Experience Operations Worldwide for Electronic Arts, to understand how they do customer support.
🔮 Ticket to ride — Transforming customer service with next-generation automation
Say goodbye to repetitive, expensive tickets! Mikhail Naumov, the co-founder of DigitalGenius, writes about optimizing your customer service operations for happier customers and more productive teams.
The impact of AI and the empathy economy on the customer service experience
Why you should reinvent your organization to take advantage of the best of digital and human capabilities. 
📨 How AI is making customer support more efficient
It’s never been so easy to improve response rates and increase efficiency in customer support. Sure, you have more demanding customers, but you also have the best of technology at your service.
💡 Speaking words of wisdom

Automation is great, if – and only if – it brings you closer to your customer. Anything else is a bad move.

— Edmund Ovington
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