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Newsletter #002 • 28 August 2018
Greetings fellow comrade, 

How are you doing? This week, there was an article that made me think of the nightmare of peak seasons in customer support

I mean, I’ve always had problems during peak seasons. But last year’s was the worst of them all. 

It was early December, and I had placed an order for a present for my 8-year-old nephew which was supposed to be delivered in 5 working days. And yet, 12 days later, it had barely made its way out of the warehouse.

Fearing that I would join “creepy Santa” on the list of things that make my nephew cry on Christmas, I went on the hunt for answers.

Rather unhelpfully, there was no “do it myself” solution in their help center. I tried emailing, then calling, but nobody answered.

In the end, the best “solution” was an automated reply from a non-personalised Spanish-speaking chatbot (having detected I lived in Portugal, a country next to Spain) on the company website.

Guess who I’m never buying from again?

And that’s the thing with peak seasons. It all sounds great, until the moment you actually realise what’s coming your way — meaning a ginormous volume of customer support tickets, requests, phone calls, live chat messages, that makes you scream in despair at the end of a very long day: ‘Where are all these people coming from? What do they want from me?’.

So, if you’re wondering how to prepare for your next peak season, or really just how to deal with high volumes of queries, you may want to check the first article on our list.  

Bye, have a beautiful time,

Maria Almeida 
🔖 This week's top picks 
🔥 Peak season: A hard day’s night for customer support
It’s that time of the year! People are spending, money is coming in, your business is booming. What could go wrong? Everything, really.

Peak seasons are an exciting and stressful time for customer support (I guess like a Hard Day’s Night for the Beatles). You need to know exactly what you’re doing and prepare your team for the times ahead.

And that’s why Raquel Jacob, the Director of Customer Operations at Unbabel, who helped companies like Under Armour, Pinterest and Skyscanner scale their customer service teams across multiple markets and deal with crazy amounts of queries, decided to write down all her tips on how to tackle peak season when all odds are against you. 
📱Mobile App Support: Why You Should Do it and How
77% of Americans own a smartphone, so if your product includes a mobile app, chances are good that many of your customers are going to give it a try. And considering that 12% of those smartphone owning people are dependent on their phone for their online access providing support on their mobile device becomes even more important. So here’s how to get it right. 
👀 Improving the customer experience: why UX writers and customer service should team up
Good UX writing provides a proactive service by anticipating customer confusion and, ideally, preventing it. Like customer service, UX writing leads to conversations that put people first. Read this article to find out how to collaborate with UX writers to provide the best possible experience to your customers.
🍾 How to Effectively Deal with a Bottleneck in Your Customer’s Journey
A bottleneck is when there is a point in your processes that slows or even stops a given workflow. This usually occurs when workloads arrive too quickly for a team to be able to handle. The inefficiencies brought about by the bottleneck often create costly delays for the company, which is why you need to tackle it as quickly as possible. 
👫 The Different Words We Use to Describe Male and Female Leaders
He’s “analytical” or “arrogant.” She’s “compassionate” or “inept.” We like to think of ourselves as unbiased and objective in our employment decisions, but with two equal candidates, who are you going to promote? Leadership attributions in performance evaluations are powerful which is why we need to be so careful with language. 
🤗 Do Happy Employees Really Lead to Happy Customers?
You've probably heard the platitude, "Happy employees lead to happy customers." But is it true? 
🤖 Learning From Our Chatbot Implementation Mistakes
It’s an AI, chatbot world. But pushy chatbots who keep popping up are not the way to go and could be costing you potential customers. Here are a few mistakes you should avoid when implementing them. 
🌎 The 16 languages that you’ll need to support by 2022
Which languages are taking over the world? According to Common Sense Advisory, we’ll be able to reach 90% of total online GDP with 16 languages in 2022. Find out which languages have made it to the list and understand why they they’re now being called “the languages of the future”. 
💡 Speaking words of wisdom

“Trying to learn from customer conversations is like excavating a delicate archaeological site. The truth is down there somewhere, but it’s fragile.

While each blow with your shovel gets you closer to the truth, you’re liable to smash it into a million little pieces if you use too blunt an instrument.” 

— Rob Fitzpatrick
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