Newsletter #025 • 13 February 2019
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Dear Earthling,

When was the last time you went to a video store? 

Where I grew up, in a small village in the north of Portugal, there was one tiny video store, owned by a crazy guy who had become fascinated by UFOs after watching Steven Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind. I would go there every weekend with family or friends, but, because the store was so small, we’d always end up renting the same old movies.

So when I walked into a Blockbuster for the first time, I was blown away. On the shelves stood all the latest movies,  just barely out of the theaters, and there was candy everywhere. Everybody loved it. 

Until they didn’t. In 2010, due to the rise of the internet and platforms such as Netflix, Blockbuster filed for bankruptcy and disappeared from the face of the earth. Except in one place: Alaska.  

The story we bring you today, produced by the Household Name podcast, is about the last Blockbuster store and the passionate manager who oversaw the Alaska store’s transformation from a one-stop shop for movie rentals into a selfie destination for nostalgic tourists. His secret? In large part, great customer-centric service. 

Happy listening,

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💡 Speaking words of wisdom

I’ve had a customer come in and say: 'I’m looking for a John Wayne movie'. Well, I’m a John Wayne fanatic. So I talk for half an hour with her because her husband is sick and he likes John Wayne movies. She went back home like 'you made me feel important' and that’s what we try to do with our customers.

— Kevin Daymude, Blockbuster Alaska General Manager

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