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The Artful Knot!

Have you been looking at these classes and thinking to yourself: "I'd like to try that! It looks like so much fun!" 

Well, it is! While this type of macramé may look complicated, it's really not with Sherri showing you how. She's an excellent instructor – so passionate about her craft – and will jump start your knotting skills in no time.

Working with colorful cord and beads is also a perfect creative outlet during cold winter nights. It's portable and you don't need many supplies to produce beautiful results.

Go ahead. Take the plunge and start knotting today!

Donna Kato

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Sherri's first class and a student favorite!

Micro Macramé Wrap Bracelet 

Learn five of the most common macramé knots while making a trendy, fun-to-wear wrapped bracelet! This bracelet is a great way to show off your hand-crafted polymer clay or lampwork beads. Sherri includes many of the tips and tricks she's learned over the past six years to help you get to the fun more quickly! 
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Simple with many possible variations!

Micro Macramé Stack Bracelet 

If you're new to micro macramé, this is an easy class and a great way to get familiar with knotting. Simple square knots and an ombré color way combine to make an eye-catching bracelet!

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The variations for the Stack Bracelet are endless. For starters, substitute half knots for the square knot (left). Or, add some beads and change the whole look (right)!

So cute and fun to make!

Cubist Micro Macramé Earrings

In this delightful class, Sherri shows you how to make simple wire armature pieces that frame these lovely tiny knotted works of art. You'll learn how to integrate beads and dangle your finished pieces from ear wires. Variations can easily be created using different colors of cord and beads or by adding additional drop beads.

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Be sure to check our Sherri's excellent introduction in her FREE class, Micro Macramé 101

Showcase your handmade focal beads!

Spiral Micro Macramé Bracelet 

Learn to knot a spiral rope and turn it into a charming bracelet! Sherri has spent a lot of time working through the process, making it as fool proof as possible, to save you time!

She'll show you how to make a version with a dangling charm, and how to adjust it to use a central focal art bead. Once you've learned the technique, it's easy to adjust the length to make a necklace, too. Perfect for showcasing your handmade beads!

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A student favorite and a perfect gift!

Hydrangeas Micro Macramé Bracelet and Earrings
Learn how to knot this delicate, lacy looking bracelet while boosting your skills! You'll use four different sizes of seed beads in the more heavily beaded floral sections and three colors of cord for the diamonds. The bonus? You'll make some earrings to match! 
The color and bead combinations are endless, and you'll be able to make lots of bracelets and earrings for every occasion! 
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What time is it? Time to learn micro macramé!

Micro Macramé Bracelet Watch 

Make a stunning watch band with the look of intricate hand knotted lace! This jewelry piece is one of the most requested finished items in Sherri's shop.

While Sherri will be making a striking Capri Blue version in this class (perfect to wear with jeans), you can choose your own colors and watch face to make this piece uniquely your own. 

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Simply gorgeous!
Marquise Micro Macramé Cuff 

"This bracelet fools the eye. Up close, you'll notice the rounded shapes. From far away, you'll notice more of the pattern the colors make and the shapes add texture." ~Sherri

Such a gorgeous cuff bracelet! While you will only use a couple of different knots in this project, the number of cords and the switching direction of the knots make it a class for advanced beginners. Sherri guides you through each step, including how to incorporate the bead "tips," with lots of step-out photos and video. 

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Sherri makes it easy to get started by offering kits at Knot Just Macrame

Sherri's newest class!

Falling Leaves Micro Macramé Bracelet

From earthy browns and olive greens to rusty oranges and pops of aspen yellow, the color possibilities for this bracelet are truly endless. 

In this class, you will learn how to make a version of this bracelet with two solid colors of leaves interspersed with striped leaves (upper left). Once you master these, it will be easy to make a bracelet in one solid color or with alternating colors of leaves. Sherri gives you tips on how to do this at the end. 

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I'm here to show you what updated macramé can look like and how to do it! ~Sherri Stokey
A 5-Star Class!
Multi Strand Micro Macramé Necklace
This eye-catching necklace is perfect for showcasing your favorite beads and buttons. Its style is a bit contemporary and a bit retro – at the same time!

Once you learn this technique, you can experiment with the design and make it your very own. 

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Make it your own!

Use a mother-of-pearl button and handmade polymer clay beads, or deep purple cord with copper accent beads and button. Or you could go with a Southwest or beach theme by using sandy color cord and turquoise or glass beads...

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