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Wearable Art for Summer!
Here is a fun new micro macramé class from Nadja Shields featuring a lovely project just in time for a beach vacation: barefoot sandals! (Scroll down to see them on her feet.)

Now, I've never owned a pair of barefoot sandals, but when I see how lovely they look on Nadja's feet, I'm convinced. And I want to make a pair!

What a great way to "dress up" your feet for the pool or a nighttime walk on the beach. Not only that, but you can show off your favorite gemstones, beads – and your creative style, too!

Donna Kato

Learn Micro Macramé this Summer!
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Barefoot Sandals with Nadja Shields

Learn how to transform a bit of cord, silver chain, some colorful gemstones and beads into a stunning pair of sandals! 

The skills you learn in this class can be used to create a multitude of different patterns and hopefully jumpstart your confidence to create your own designs! In addition to reviewing the tools and materials you'll need in this class, you'll learn how to:
  • Tie the knots you'll use for this project, starting with the toe loop.
  • Bezel the gemstone and add the decorations to it.
  • Tie the foot strap and add the chain.
  • Finish off the ends.
Feel free to change up the design by using a different color cord, beads, gemstone or by adding different elements or charms to your chain. Once you make a pair for yourself, you'll no doubt be getting requests for more!

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Advanced | $35 | Save 30% | $24.50 through Tuesday! 

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Angel Wings with Nadja Shields

Build your skills while learning to make this stunning micro macrame necklace! Nadja says she was in the mood for a little sparkle and gold when she created this design, and this elegant medallion style necklace was the result. 

In this class, you will learn how to use different sized beads to enhance your macramé work and how to knot some gorgeous baroque style decorations. In addition, Nadja shows you how to:
  • Tie a variety of knots for this project.
  • Bezel a stone.
  • Tie the base.
  • Work a chain into your design.
  • Finish off your piece to keep it from unraveling.
This class includes detailed step-by-step instructions with over 100 photos and video clips!

Preview and Purchase Angel Wings
Advanced | $35 | Save 30% | $24.50 through Tuesday! 

Aura Earrings with Nadja Shields

Nadja loves to transform beads and cords into delicate, intricate designs. In this class, she shows you how to make a pair of striking earrings that do just that! And they can be worn for any occasion.

In this step-by-step class, you will learn how to:
  • Tie knots needed for the base and filler sections.
  • Add a focal bead.
  • Finish off your cord ends and attach the earring wires.
By the end of this class, you'll be able to apply the skills learned to create your own variations and design ideas. 

Preview and Purchase Aura Earrings
Beginner | $18 | Save 30% | $12.60 through Tuesday!

FREE: Micro Macramé Knot Guide with Nadja Shields

Learn how to tie a variety of macramé knots – step by step! These useful knots form the base of many patterns and designs in modern micro macramé and will get you off to a great start.

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Learn Micro Macramé this Summer! 
SAVE 30% on ALL CLASSES through Tuesday!
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