Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.”  ~John W. Gardner 

Make a Beautiful Bracelet!
Sherri Stokey did regular macramé as a child, and now she creates absolutely stunning jewelry pieces using micro macramé techniques.

I'm happy to announce that she has just released two new "must-have" bracelet classes. I love the color potential in both!

If you can't decide which one to purchase... we'll make it easy for you. Buy both and save 30% off the retail price! Better hurry though – this offer ends Sunday.

Go grab a cup of coffee, get out your colorful nylon cord and start knotting some beautiful bracelets for summer! 

Donna Kato

Save 30% when you buy BOTH classes!
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This offer expires midnight CT, Sunday, April 13, 2014.

Marquise Micro Macramé Cuff with Sherri Stokey

Learn how to knot this gorgeous cuff bracelet! The little pointed shapes in the pattern remind Sherri of a marquise cut diamond, hence its name.

"This bracelet will fool the eye. Up close, you'll notice the rounded shapes. From far away, you'll notice more of the pattern the colors make and the shapes add texture."

While you will only use a couple of different knots in this class, the number of cords and the switching direction of the knots make it a class for advanced beginners. Sherri guides you through each step, including how to incorporate the bead "tips," with lots of step-out photos and video. 

Once you've mastered this cuff, you can go on to create your own designs. It's perfect for experimenting with color as you can see in Sherri's variations below!

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Advanced Beginner | $25 | Save 20% $20 through Sunday!

"I love experimenting with different patterns, shapes and colors. And if I can add beads to the mix, I'm almost ecstatic!" ~Sherri

Micro Macramé Stack Bracelet

In this class, Sherri shows you how the simplicity of square knots and an ombré color way combine to make one eye-catching bracelet!

If you're new to micro macramé, this is a great class to get you familiar with knotting. It also has lots of potential for variations to reflect your own personal style.

Have fun playing with different color combinations, adding some beads or substituting a different knot!

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Beginner | $10 | Save 20% $8 through Sunday!

These are Sherri's Stack Bracelet variations!

New to Micro

Be sure to check our Sherri's excellent introduction in her FREE class, Micro Macramé 101

You'll learn more about what it is, the gorgeous results you can achieve get by combining various types of knots, and the supplies you'll need to get started (very few!)

Save 30% when you buy BOTH classes!
Put both classes in your cart | Use coupon code: pick2
This offer expires midnight CT, Sunday, April 13, 2014.
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